Giving GoPro users the power of DJI’s Zenmuse technology, the new H3-2D Zenmuse is a light weight and incredibly accurate two axis gimbal, specifically designed for the GoPro Hero 3. Check out the full review on our sister site,, at the link below.


There’s no doubt about it, DJI’s Zenmuse Z15 brushless camera gimbal is a leader in it’s class. DJI have now taken the same technology that the Z15 was built on, and applied it to a smaller, 2 axis gimbal, designed specifically to be used with the GoPro Hero 3. Ultra light weight, with “pixel level” stability and remote tilt control, the new H3-2D Zenmuse can be used with any of DJI’s flight controllers, on any of their airframes from the Phantom upwards.

The H3-2D Zenmuse is specifically balanced from the factory, so that all the user has to do is mount it, install a GoPro Hero 3, and you’re ready to go. No additional balancing is necessary. Within just a short amount of time, the gimbal can be mounted and bringing in professional looking video in no time.

Check out the full review here (click me).

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