This has been a very close race in our 2nd Annual RCHeliResource Visitor’s Choice Awards.  Last year I think we called it the Viewer’s Choice but I think Visitor’s is more appropriate title as this is not television ….yet.

The amount of votes and interests in this years’ survey was overwhelming.  We put some new categories together at the last minute and definitely some things got missed but we promise that next year we will do nominations in advance to ensure that no stone is left unturned.  The largest omission we noted was the omission of the FUEL category which we apologize for.  There were also several brands left out of many of the other categories as well as some notable pilots.  We had no idea of the amount of steam this has picked up since last year.   This year we had almost five (5) times the votes we did last year.  Seems as if people are taking this survey seriously now.  As noted in the survey itself, this survey is not scientific.  It does not definitively say what brands/pilots/products are best.  It simply is a popularity contest that will allow our industry marketing professionals to evaluate their marketing effectiveness.  On top of that I am sure a good product will play heavily in these results.  It should be noted that a low tally does not mean a company/brand/product/pilot is bad or unfavorable.  They just may not be popular in the RCHR visiting audience.  While we promoted this survey heavily outside of RCHR it may have not reached everyone who may have wanted a vote to support their favorites.  As you can see from the map below the worldwide support was pretty even in the English language countries.

Picture 29There were definitely some upsets and surprises in the results this year.  Without further a due here are the results.

Picture 30

#1 Align 46.75%
No Opinion / Not Listed 10.75%
#2 Outrage 7.94%
#3 Thunder Tiger 6.04%

Picture 31

#1 Align 53.63%
#2 Mikado 16.15%
No Opinion / Not Listed 7.18%
#3 Outrage 5.28%

Picture 33

#1 Align 29.67%
#2 Radix 24.63%
#3 Edge 15.74%
Picture 34
#1 Futaba 35.28%
#2 JR 28.59%
#3 Spektrum 27.91%
Picture 35
#1 Futaba 26.63%
#2 Align 24.53%
#3 JR 20.81%
Picture 36
No Opinion / Not Listed 34.79%
#1 Align 33.10%
#2 Scott Gray 10.28%
#3 JR 6.81%
Picture 37
#1 Spartan 30.96%
#2 Futaba 29.59%
#3 Align 21.60%
Picture 38
#1 Mikado 29.26%
#2 Align 28.42%
No Opinion / Not Listed 19.89%
#3 BeastX 9.20%
Picture 39
#1 Align 27.95%
No Opinion / Not Listed 27.95%
#2 MultiGov 16.16%
#3 Futaba 12.79%
Picture 40
#1 OS Engines 47.98%
#2 Align 15.11%
#3 YS Engines 14.56%
Picture 41
#1 Scorpion 43.00%
#2 Align 24.05%
#3 Kontronik 9.66%
Picture 42
#1 Castle Creations 33.80%
#2 Align 23.93%
#3 Kontronik 21.58%
Picture 43
No Opinion / Not Listed 26.65%
#1 Hyperion 20.57%
#2 Thunder Power RC 17.18%
#3 Align 15.94%
Picture 44
#1 Canomod 34.39%
No Opinion / Not Listed 31.09%
#2 Funsuno 14.32%
#3 Insane Canopy 9.31%
Picture 45
#1 RC Heli Magazine 48.63%
No Opinion / Not Listed 33.38%
#2 Model Helicopter World 11.05%
#3 Rotorworld 5.55%
Picture 46
#1 37.36%
#2 20.63%
No Opinion / Not Listed 15.30%
#3 5.59%
Picture 47
#1 Alan Szabo Jr 21.59%
#2 Tareq Al Saadi 19.76%
No Opinion / Not Listed 11.11%
#3 Bert Kammerer 5.71%
DISCLAIMER:  The purpose of the Viewer’s Choice Awards  is to provide RC Helicopter market data compiled from the Visitor’s Choice Awards Survey performed by Digital Creations Co LLC dba RCHeliResource.Com (“RCHR”).  Survey results are based on data collected by SurveyGizmo.Com. Information on which the survey results were based was not audited or verified.  Although great care was taken to ensure data quality, Digital Creations Company, LLC, and SurveyGizmo.Com (“The Partners”) do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the survey or of any information presented here.  The information on this website is presented without warranty, express or implied.  The Partners assume no liability (1) for loss or damage as a result of errors or omissions in the information presented on this website; or (2) for damages resulting from use or misuse of data presented on this website.  Persons or entities using this website, participating in this survey or using the results do so at their own risk.

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