Do you live in England? Maybe you’re planning a vacation in England during September? Do you want to be part of a Guinness World Record? Then make your way to Eagle RC Heli-Club in September. Read on for the announcement from RCHA, a little background info, and what you need to do to be part of history.


RCHA World Record Attempt
The RCHA is pleased to announce the first in a long line of record attempts to highlight the fantastic enjoyment, fun and challenges that our hobby delivers to its members every day. Due to the length of time its taken to gain approval from the Guinness World Records for the attempt the RCHA flying will be put back till the 18th & 19th September 2010.

The World record attempt will be on Sunday 19th September, all pilots are encouraged to take part as we are sure once secured many other countries will aim to break the various records we set year on year. Other records being looked at are : “The Most RC Helicopters Inverted Simultaneously”, “Longest Distance flown in either electric, Nitro and Gassers” and the “Heaviest weight carried by an rc helicopter”. We feel these challenges will help to push our hobby outside into the greater public audience and give us the opportunity to show just how enjoyable our hobby can be.

To register to attend and be apart of the attempt click here

1 World-Record-Attempt

Source: RC Heli Association

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