On July 30th, our friends at RC Mania Magazine reported on Japan’s first Futaba GY701 unboxing. Click on to check out the pics and info.

1 GY701

I had to translate the article with Google Translate as I do not read Chinese, so here is what was said.

There is nothing greater than the first GY701 Japan to receive the happy too! At least for now there is none !Futaba GY701 accordance with the agreement , in mid- July in Japan , with technical staff , Mr. Ning Sawamura contact several times after that in Hong Kong, Taiwan will have to go to market in mid- September , Hong Kong has also confirmed this.After some twists and turns , with Shanghai World Expo , all with the RC -related products are rejected at the door , the reason that the GY701 received a number of relatively slow . Carton size carton with the iPhone, almost , this is GY701 + constant speed + BLS251 group packages.

Rather thick manual , which is on sale in Japan version , a description of course content is equivalent in Japanese … … more ! It seems a little while not too many details of the study . Still a pretty sticker attached .

Removed the first layer , see amplifiers , gyroscopes body , speed sensors, there is another level below .

All it forthwith! The parts inside are enough ! No wonder the big box with the GY611 some contrast .

Well, first, to generally organize some key data:
1 . Voltage : 3.8 ~ 8.5V ( 2S Li- Poly that supports direct access, then the tail rudder machine ? Are built a separate circuit BEC?)
2 . spin angular velocity : 1200 ° / sec (equivalent to 3.33 second spin cycle )
3 . speed control range : 1000 ~ 3000rpm
4 . posted double-sided adhesive sensors have three , but ! ! But not iron ? ! Do GY701 does not need iron to prevent the engine helicopter vibration ? ! (Note also the painting did not iron out , but that shock solutions, again to look at ).
5 . GV1 speed sensor and the same bracket attached to a 30,50,90 -level engine .

Sort information in general reference , more details such as navigating a further share with you !

Source: RC Mania Magazine

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