Skookum Robotics reported August 10th on their website of a confirmed software glitch for the SK-720 Flybarless System. Click on to read the news and NOTAM (Notice to Airmen).

Skookum Robotics

August 10, 2010
Software Issues Found

Several users with futaba radios have reported glitches when using futaba high-speed external receivers and the bank/gain channel. We’ve confirmed this bug, and narrowed down when it happens and how to avoid it.

The interference occurs between the aileron channel and the bank/gain channel (plugged into the EXT-LED port). For now the work-around is to first set your radio ATV’s (endpoints) to their maximum value, so the gain inputs read 100% on the GUI. Then select “lock gains” on both cyclic and both tail banks, and use locked gain values. This will avoid the problem and still allow you to bank-switch.

We apologize for this problem. However we already have it solved here, and that fix will be released in our September firmware update, which will also include s-bus compatibility.

Software Issue Fixed

The problem with the flash memory of the new translucent-case LCD Terminals has now been fixed. Please see the Support page to download the new firmware update.

Note that SK-720 can update the SK-LCD unit directly: Just connect the SK-LCD unit to the SK-720, and connect the SK-720 to your PC using a USB cable. Then go to the Utility menu, at the bottom item will ask you to select the new firmware file.

Cracked Cases

A batch of plastic cases for the SK720 had some which were sub-par, which we discovered when units showed cracking several weeks after delivery. Based on our records and in-house testing, this problem should be limited to a few dozen units. If your unit has a serial number under 2000, and has this issue, we will replace the case at any time for the lifetime of the unit.

Upcoming New Features

The improvements we’re looking to get out for early September:

* Better hold on the tail, both in hover and on collective changes
* Improved self-leveling
* Big added features re the flight logs (way beyond any other system’s capability)
* Futaba S-Bus compatibility (this will require a low-cost adapter)
* Fix a bug relating to the gain input and futaba HS receivers (ie non s-bus type)
* Improved wizards and tail setup

There’s other stuff, including accessories, but that will have to wait to the actual release date. The governor may be bumped to a following update, because it’s new to us and so needs to be tested well.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to update your SK-720 to rev 1.10!

See you at IRCHA!

(NOTAM = Notice to Airmen)

Source: Skookum Robotics

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