QR X400

1). Main Rotor Diameter:254mm
2). Overall Length:270 mm
3). Overall width:270 mm
4). Radio(standard):DEVO 10
5). Radio(Optional):DEVO-6 / 7 / 7E / 8S / 12S
6). Weight:786g(Battery included)
7). Battery:11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po
8). Gyro:6-Axis control system
9). ESC:WK-WST-30A4
10).Receiver:RX 2642-D
11).Brushless motor:WK-WS-28-009A

1).Adopting 4 brushless motors, the flight is more stable, and it can make sorts of flight maneuver and also can make 3D rolls and flips.
2).The simple and compact modularized design features easy installation and maintenance
3).Adopting 6-Axis gyro control system ,which ensures precise flight performance.
4).You can install the camera set for Aerial photograghy. (Camera set needs to be purchased separately).
5).You can install the Telemetry module ,GPS and RPM to monitor the real time battery voltage, temperature, motor speed rate and aircraft location and height.
6).Extra-large capacity battery delivers an extra-long flight time! Walkera recommends using a11.1V 2200mAh LiPo 25C LiPo battery for a perfect flight.

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