Infusion 700G

Full length of fuselage: 1845mm
Full width of fuselage: 215mm
Height: 430mm
Flying Weight(approx): 5910g
Main rotor diameter: 1580mm
Tail rotor diameter: 262mm
Engine class: 23-26cc
Gear ratio: 7.87:1:4.52
Main gear ratio: 16T:126T
Tail gear ratio: 113T:25T
In-flight Mixture needle: No
Full tank capacity: 650cc
Material specification: Carbon fiber, Aluminium.
Tail rotor drive: Shaft drive
Swashplate angle: 120¢J
Main blade (not included): 680-710mm
Tail blade (not included): 90-110mm
Model Type: Pro

Source: TSA Model

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