Thank you for purchasing SKYARTEC WASP NANO CP helicopter which is considered high-perfermance,easy control,stable,durable and light weight. WASP NANO CP adopts 3-axis gyro system with tail rotor ,incredible real-time responding in any 3D stunt flying. Furthermore,it offers good stability and agility with configurating LCD 2.4GHz 7CH radio control.

Length: 225mm
Height: 75mm
Main rotor diameter: 240mm
tail rotor diameter: 36mm
motor pinion gear: 9T
Main Drive Gear: 61T
Flying Weight: 48g

5 in 1 receiver board(Receiver/3-Axis gyro/servo control/main Brushed esc/tail Brushed esc); 3.7V 240mah LI-PO battery; N40 brushed motor; tail motor; 2g servo(5 lines)x3; USB charger; USB power supply; special screw driver; SKYARTEC CD; NASA701 LCD 2.4GHz 7ch TX; Aluminum box

1. The fuselage adopt strong, durable , special plastics
2. Hi-performance 3-axis flybarless system by SKYARTEC provides with much more stability, functionality and capability.
3. Amazingly compact all-in-one and lightweight design will guarantee you the most fresh and exciting flight experience.
4. Advanced configuration helps you control the helicopter precisely and have the incredible real-time response which performing a variety of stunt flying skills.
5. Five in one board integrating receiver, 3-Axis gyro, servo, main Brushed ESC, tail Brushed ESC.
6. Free to change flight mode:(Long press the button on receiver, handsoff after the indicator light change color. Blue light is for beginner flight mode, red light is for 3D flight mode)

1 — Aileron: connect with aileron servo, output aileron servo control signal
2 — Elevator: connect with elevator servo, output elevator servo control signal
3 — pitch : connect with pitch servo, output pitch servo control signal
4 — tail motor: connect with tail motor, output tail motor control signal
5 — main motor: connect with main motor, output main motor control signal
6 — aileron/elevator sensitivity adjusting knob: adjust aileron/elevator gyro sensitivity, change flight effect
7 — Button: for code-pairing and flight mode change
8 — Antenna
9 — indicator light: indicate receiving signal status and flight mode status
10 — upgrade port: upgrade spare
11— power line: connect with battery(3.7V)

1. All signal wire connectors must be connected correct as required, otherwise will result failure of receiving remote signal, even receiver burnt and so on serious consequences.
2. To avoid the knob broken, it needs to use the special configured adjust pen when adjusting all knobs.
3. When code-pairing, helicopter must be satic placed horizontal position.
4. When boot should follow the principle of ¡°turn on the transmitter first then power on the plane¡±. After turn on the transmitter, power on the plane within 10 seconds, receiver¡¯s indicator light start flashing slow about 1~3 seconds, which means it is receiving the signal.If the light not on, it means receiving no signal, code-pairing is needed. Indicator light flash fast after receiving signal, which means the gyro is initializing. If the red light turn to constant light, and sound the mechanical voice of servo reset, which means the receiver start to work.

SKYARTEC authorizes Hobby Shack,Inc.Global Hobby Distributors as its exclusive distributor of WASP NANO CP products in Unites States.

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