Hi everyone. With many pilots flying FBL, either making a complete switch or flying both flybarred and FBL, there are many choices for a FBL system. Here is product info for one such FBL System out on the market. This is the Robird G31 FBL System. Thanks to our very good friends at Sky Hobbies Singapore for providing the info.

ROBIRD G31 Flybarless System
Some of the features includes :
• HV Compatible (5V/6V/7.2V/8.4V)
• Higher Resolution with Digital Output
• Integrated 16bit ADC (0.092dps/digit)
• Safer in Vibration situation (higher tolerance)
• Faster Pirouette (+-2000deg°/sec measurement range)
• Separate Power Bus for Cyclic and Tail Servo
• Cyclic Ring Adjustments
• Support all PWM External Receivers / S.Bus & Satellite Receivers for JR & Spektrum (DSM2, DSMJ, DSMX …etc)
• Swash Plate Directions according to your heli type (eg Align versus Thunder Tiger)
• Different Swash types and Support Multi-Rotor Blades System
• Servo Centering (Neutral)
• Cyclic and Pitch Geometry
• Swash Servo Limits
• Tail & Cyclic Limits
• Main Rotor Vibration Analysis
• Tail Rotor Vibration Analysis
• Upcoming Governor feature with future firmware upgrdes

Weight : 11 grams
Dimensions : 34 x 25 x 13.7mm

• SRX Cables x 1
• S.BUS Extension x 1
• Link Cables x 3
• Signal Splitter Cable x 1
• USB Cable x 1
• Mounting Tape x 1
• Blank Plug x 1


(Bundle of 2)

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To purchase the Robird G31 FBL System, please visit our friends at Sky Hobbies by clicking HERE.

Source: Sky Hobbies

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