Kontronik Bluetooth module

There is a Bluetooth module that allows you to program your Kosmik on a smartphone. Communicator App
The KONTRONIK Communicator App will allow you to wirelessly program your KOSMIK via your phone or tablet. In addi- tion to programming, the Communicator App will allow you view live stream data from your KOSMIK as long as you remain in Bluetooth range.
The Bluetooth module is available, and must be used if you wish to create a wirel- ess connection with the KOSMIK.
This APP is available for ANDROID (Free via Playstore) but will be available for Apple in the near.

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Kontronik COOL COSMIC 160 HV

Also available:
Kontronik COOL COSMIC 200 HV – KO-48201

The COOL KOSMIK which has a built in heatsink and fan. COOL KOSMIK
If you love style and function, the Cool KOS- MIK is made just for you. With an integrated fan combined with an active heat sink , you will find no better cooling solution availa- ble. You will immediately notice the stylish design of the integrated cooling plate, and will appreciate the active cooling fan in low airflow situations.
COOL KOSMIK, a design that is made for the most demanding situations. COOL KOSMIK ESCs will have their own designated order numbers.

The specially designed housing not only protects, but is an essential part of the approach controller. Despite extremely high efficiency at these performance dimensions creates residual heat in the bulb area. Therefore, the upper aluminum plate is connected directly to the power amplifier.

With the COSMIC KONTRONIK defined a new level of high-end range. Already at first glance is obvious that the COSMIC is something completely new. COSMIC is the continuous current up to 200 A and the firm at up to 14 – or 10 kW of continuous power, even in peak 12 kW . The specially designed housing not only protects, but is an essential part of the approach controller. Despite extremely high efficiency at these performance dimensions residual heat is generated in the bulb area. Therefore, the upper aluminum plate is connected directly to the power amplifier. You have it thus. By placing different heatsink in their own hands, how much power can process your COSMIC permanently The lower aluminum plate provides a stable mounting in the model. Of course, the COSMIC on an anti-flash.

A BEC, which we are proud

Sensational is the strongest BEC, the Kontronik has ever developed. With a continuous current rating of 10 A (COSMIC 160 + HV: 7A) and up to 30 A (COSMIC 200 + HV: 20A) briefly at an output voltage of 5 – 8 V of COSMIC is also for high performance servos ideal. Without interference problems and voltage fluctuations that is strong BEC up to 14 S is fully operational. This is unique. To utilize the full capacity of the BEC using a second BEC cable is necessary. Therefore, the COSMIC-2 BEC connections are provided.

Screwed instead of soldered

No cable. This is perhaps the first thing you notice on the new COSMIC. So its tremendous power can be transferred optimally on COSMIC gilded copper plates are provided. It appropriate cables are screwed through terminals. The cable section it can be adapted to the current requirements. This gland makes the replacement of the cable easily and provides a reliable high current connection represents addition to cable set pre-assembled cables are available as accessories.

Nothing is lost

As the first KONTRONIK controller offers the possibility of COSMIC, operating parameters recorded internally. In the controller speed, current, voltage, etc. are always available and can be co-written during the flight. The data is stored on a MicroSD card. The COSMIC also offers the option 3 external sensors (eg for measuring altitude) to join. This information is also recorded during the flight. A fast MicroUSB connector, the COSMIC be connected directly to the PC.

Often programmed

The proven programming mode is also implemented in COSMIC. Now the controller is ready to use and can be adapted quickly to different applications. About the PROGDISC the COSMIC can be parameterized. This allows the programmer changing individual parameters and helps to adjust the COSMIC to personal preferences. Of course, the COSMIC is online updatable . This allows software updates will be played comfortably at home. Downtime a thing of the past.

Communication at a glance

Two bicolor LEDs give the COSMIC a wide range of signal outputs. It is used both for the diagnosis, as well as for programming support.

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Kontronik Telme Futaba

Also available:
Kontronik Telme Graupner – KO-9750
Kontronik Telme MULTIPLEX – KO-9760

Kosmik Connects, KOSMIK Connects
With nearly every major radio manufacturer offering telemetry systems, the KOSMIK is now connected. The KOSMIK is one of the first ESCs designed with an integrated inter- face for telemetry. Simply connect the TelME interface into one oft he sensor ports on the KOSMIK and you will automatically receive important logging data on your transmitter. This data may be viewed on the display of the transmitter or on a remote telemetry box.

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Kontronik SCG Module

SCG Single Cells Governor
KONTRONIK is excited to introduce their first ESC-sensor combination in the indus- try to actively monitor individual battery cell health during flight. The Single Cells Governor sensor connects to a sensor port on the KOSMIK and provides the user the benefit of intelligent battery monitoring through the balance leads. If the SCG mo- dule detects problems within a cell, it will disconnect or slow down the power from the motor, allowing you to land safely. In addition to the added safety of intelligent battery monitoring, the Single Cells Governor also provides logging data of each cell’s voltage during use.

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Kontronik GPS module

KONTRONIK now offers a GPS module for the KOSMIK. By connecting the GPS module to a sensor port on the KOSMIK, the pilot will now see data logging files that are enhanced with time and date information.

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Competition Pyro Motors

If your demand for power is great, and your thirst for performance is unquenched, The PYRO COMPETITION LINE is designed just for you.
Designed in cooperation with Holger Lam- bertus from Slowflyer World, the PYRO 750 offers competition grade hand windings with
the lowest resistance possible. The PYRO COMPETITION LINE will be available for all versions beginning with the PYRO 650.
To identify the exquisite nature of the PYRO COMPETITION LINE, each motor is laser engraved with the pilot’s name and features a stylish new case design.
Excellence is achieved, power is unbridled; the reign of the PYRO COMPETITION LINE begins.
The exact resistance of each motor may be found on our website.

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