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Assurance RC Distributor

Slant Thread Main Drive Gear/134T H50178QA

●Precision CNC machined module 0.7 main gear for minimal noise and high energy transfer efficiency.
●Suitable for all 500 class machines.
●Must with:Motor Pinion Helical Gear 12T(H50168)

●CNC M0.7 Slant Thread Main drive gear(134T) x 2

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M1 Torque Tube Front Drive Gear Set/24T HN7043B

●Use for T-REX 700 Nitro Pro / 700E.

●700N Front drive gear assembly (24T) x 1
●700N Short umbrella gear x 1
●700N Long umbrella gear x 1

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Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set HN7042A

●Use for T-REX 800 / 700 Nitro Pro / 700E.
●Must with 700 Metal Tail Rotor Holder(H70T001).

●Tail rotor shaft assembly x 1
●Long umbrella gear x 1

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700DFC Linkage Ball H70Z001XXW

●Use for T-REX 800/700/600/550 DFC 3G Programmable Flybarless System
●Must with:600DFC CCPM Metal Swashplate(H60248)
●Must with:700DFC CCPM Metal Swashplate(H70098)

●Linkage Ball D(M3x3.5) x 4

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700 Metal Tail Rotor Holder(H70T001) H70T001XXW

●Use for T-REX 550E/600E/600N/700N/700E。
●Dual radial bearing with thrust bearing design to dramatically increase rudder precision and gyro locking action.
●Must with Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set(NH7042A).

●Metal tail rotor holder x 2
●New stainless steel tail rotor hub x 1
●Tail rotor washer x 2(Φ8xΦ10×0.3mm)
●Bearing MR106ZZ x 4(Φ6xΦ10x3mm)
●Thrust Bearing F5-10M x 2
●Washer x 2(Φ3xΦ8×0.6mm)
●M4 set screw x 1(M4x4mm)
●Socket collar screw x 2(M3x8mm)
●Sokcet collar screw x 2(M3x17mm)
●M3 nut x 2

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700N DFC Fiberglass Canopy/White HC7301

●Use for T-REX 700 Nitro DFC.

●GF Painted canopy x 1
●Canopy nut x 4(Φ2.7x12x6mm)
●Canopy protector x 4(Φ8x12x2.5mm)
●R4 pin x 4

Source: Align Taiwan webstore

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