FUSUNO Plastic Main Rotor Blade MCPX V1/V2 Orange

Product Details
Material: Plastic
Color: Orange
Root : 2.5 mm
Dimension: 105mm

Also available in:
Green (FUB-CX001GR)
Yellow (FUB-CX001YL)
Black (FUB-CX001BA)

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Fusuno Carbon Fiber 1.5mm Horizontal/Vertical Fin Blade 300 X

Product Details
Crash costs a lot, especially carbon fiberparts. Therefore Fusuno comes up with new carbon fiber parts with much lower cost than stock part.

And as always Fusuno offers a very affordable price. Beautiful carbon fiber material at very attractive price.

Don’t be fooled by the low price. Due to our capability to produce the carbon fiber sheet in house and we also have CNC routers in house, we are able to provide affordable yet beautiful carbon fiber parts for your helicopters.

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FUSUNO Neon Green Fiberglass Horizontal/Vertical Fin Blade 300 X

Product Details
Fusuno Neon Frame Kits & Parts – When Different is Always Better! Looking for a way to add a whole new look to your RC helicopter? Tired of drab black and endless other “carbon” kits & parts out there? Fusuno has your answer with Neon Frame Kits & Parts, which not only add a whole new look to your helicopter, but greatly aid in visibility, which can make or break any flight!

Designed to utilize the stock hardware via your helicopter, these frame kits & parts make it easy to upgrade without the fuss & bother of special parts & pieces, allowing you to easily replace items with stock hardware.

Constructed of durable, high quality G-10 FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), and available in multiple exciting & bright colors, these Fusuno neon parts are treated with a hard coated dye that is not only strong, but will last long and resist scratches & chips.

If you’re in the need of a change, check out Fusuno’s exciting line of neon upgrades for your RC helicopter, and add a unique look to your RC machine that will definitely stand out from all the rest!

Included: (1) Vertical Stabilizer and (1) Horizontal Stabilizer – No Hardware Included

Also available in:
Yellow (FUP-420YL)
Red (FUP-419RE)

Source: Fusuno

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