Model Avionics RevGlow

Long overdue but well worth the wait .

The new Model Avionics RevGlow.

Finally a lightweight switchless way of igniting your glow plug.
• Simply plugs into ACC port of ThrottleMax.
• No Switch needed when used with the ThrottleMax.
• The RevGlow powers the glow plug as soon as rotation is detected by the ThrottleMax sensor.
• No more HOT starts, ever!!! No need for complex mixes!!!
• RevGlow will not power glow plug if throttle is above 25%.
• RevGlow powers the plug for 12 seconds. If your engine does not start or you forgot to unplug the fuel line, simply stop cranking for 1 second and resume. Timer resets to 12 seconds each time the rotation stops and throttle is below 25%.

Hate the walk of shame back to your table to get your starter because your engine keeps dying?
• If your motor starts to sputter, simply advance the throttle past idle and then back to idle or engage throttle hold and the RevGlow will ignite your plug to keep your motor from dying.
• More flight time, less starting time!!

Love shooting autos but hate the fear of your engine flaming out?
• No worries now because when you switch into throttle hold the RevGlow will ignite for 12 seconds to keep your engine alive.
• Now you can relax while practicing autos.

Equipped with a “go” button so it can also be used as a stand alone glow igniter until your Throttlemax is purchased. :-)

Do you have the older version Throttle Jockey Pro or the RevMax?

Click here to send it in for a firmware upgrade and enjoy the full benefits of the RevGlow


Working Current draw: 1.3 amps

Weight: 12 grams (including leads)

Size: 25mm x 15mm x 9mm

Voltage: 4.8v – 8.4v

* Trex 700 users will need a backplate sensor for automatic operation because the magnets are in the clutch bell and it does not rotate when starting the engine or you can spin the main gear to activate the RevGlow.

MSRP $45

Source: Model Avionics via HeliProz

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