High Voltage, Low Loss Connectors

Many of you have asked me the question at helicopter events “You are still running T connectors?”.

My answer has always been… Yes, I am still running T-Connectors as I have never had any troubles with them besides the occasional “unplug” during flight. I realize there are losses with the T-Connectors but had yet to find a connector which I thought would be more efficient as well as provide a secure connection.

After a few more unplugging incidents I decided it was time for a change. After a little bit of research, I found that I did not want the EC5 which has the “rotating spring” type banana connector as I felt the lack of contact due to the rotating spring would give me just as much loss as a T-Connector. I did not want another T style connector as the surface area for contact was minimal at best and I had my fair share of in flight unplugging.

Finally I came across the PRC6 which is a solid 6mm bullet style connector. The 6mm bullet style connector has excellent surface area and they are beefy enough to handle up to 200 amps of current. In the R/C Helicopter world we only see small spikes of this high current so these connectors should be perfect if not a bit overkill. The wire receptacle end of the connector is large enough to house a 10 gauge wire and very easy to solder. The connectors fit snug into their housing with a little bit of force and of course do not require any shrink tubing. The PRC6 mates with its counter part very securely to avoid any potential unplugging incidents. You can obtain your own set of PRC connectors at Progressive RC

Source: Matt Botos

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