Class 500 electric SIROCCO-475E Flybarless
Model number: S-475E-FBL
Selling price: 39,800 yen (tax included)


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“500 Kurasuheri electric passion Flybarless system”
model aircraft poured all the passion of a single “I want to enjoy the” flight is SIROCCO-E475. Feel free to most of the flight by an electric motor, electric helicopter 500 class is a class that can be a full-fledged experience. Sigh even veteran flyer, height of perfection is felt also in the assembly. Can feel free in exchange for Flybarless head, also Furaiba specification. Also be tailored to the body finish level of the fryer, to your liking, airframe happy. Aircraft can experience the innovation of 3D flight with a belt drive. Enjoy 3D flying freely in the SIROCCO a high degree of perfection! “Head” also supports extreme acrobatic flight with a running head logo on the black metal parts high precision linear “frame” reduced to extreme vibration or frame structure. Manner servos that protrudes from the frame, which enables the maintenance and improvement of the servo, the servo control more direct. “Tail” adopt a hexagonal tail pipe. Fixing the rudder force, with the main frame tail gear box do not forget one time I’m glad to 3D Flyer up to maximum.

● Length 910mm
● Height: 300mm
● 160mm Overall width 980mm
● Main rotor diameter 11.06:1:4.69
● Main gear ratio (16T) 12.64:1:4.69 (14T)
● Weight 1,850 g

The set includes
◆ SIROCCO kit ※ new ultrathin recipe, lightweight, high rigidity with canopy assembly instructions manual ※
◆ exploded and is very easy to understand the English version “Required for assembly” transmitter
★ receiver
★ servo swash
★ Rudder servo
★ three-axis gyro
★ Li-Po battery
★ Main Rotor (425mm)

“recommended products”
★ Li-Po battery “BLIZZARD 3S11.1V / 2200mAhC55 Li-Po battery”
★ swash servo “Mini Coreless Digital Servo-quality SAVOX SH-1250 mg”
★ rudder “… high-quality, ultra-high-speed digital servo coreless SAVOX SH-1290MG”

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