This looks to be an interesting and useful product. Keeping today’s ESC’s cool is a top priority and the JCooler is designed to be up to the task. The JCooler is designed for use on the Kontronik Jive ESC series. Thanks to the ReadyHeli Team for sharing The JCooler on their Facebook page. Get the info for this product by clicking through.

The JCooler

The all new unique cooling system for Kontronik Jive ESCs.

At the first days of march 2011 there was only an idea to create an all new, unique aluminum cooling system for the Kontronik Jive ESC series, the JCooler was born.

After finishing the first prototypes, a lot of testing within extreme conditions e.g. at the IRCHA Jamboree 2011, we took the next step and finished the JCooler to the final product You see now.

We created a cooling system which design, quality and efficiency is unparalleled. And we like to point out that all its components are ‘Made in Germany’.


specially CNC machined heatsink
The JCooler heatsink was specially designed and machined to fit the Jive ESC series. On the bottom side there is a extension to ensure the best possible transfer of heat to the heatsink.

active fan
For improved air circulation and heat transfer even under bad conditions the JCooler has an active fan which operating voltage is 5.8 to 12.6 volts.

easy installation
Due to its sophisticated design the JCooler is simply mounted with four screws to the Jive ESC.

best possible mounting options
With the 4 CFRP mounting plate fasteners the JCooler can be simply mounted in any kind of model and also ensures rock solid support to the Jive ESC with simply 4 screws or cable ties.


JCooler 80
size ((w x l x h): 50 x 50 x 48mm
wight: ap. 100g
fan voltage: 5,8 – 12,6V
power consumption: ap. 70 mAh
power cable: ap. 45 cm
fits: Jive 60, Jive 80, Jive 100

JCooler 120
size ((w x l x h): 50 x 50 x 52,4mm
wight: ap. 105g
fan voltage: 5,8 – 12,6V
power consumption: ap. 70 mAh
power cable: ap. 45 cm
fits: Jive 120, HeliJive 120

What is in the box
1x aluminum heatsink (engraved & sandblasted)
1x 50mm fan with 40cm power cord
1x CFRP mounting plate
2x machined spacers
4x M3 lock nuts and countersunk screws
1x JR plug
1x thermal compound

1. Preparation
power cord length
It’s up to Your choice to power the fan with the receiver power (ESC Bec) or with the motor battery connected to the balancer port (up to 3 cells = 12,6 volt). Please measure the length of the power cord and cut it as short as needed.

plugin the power cord
In case of using the includes JR plug please note the right polarity. The yellow colored cabel is not needed and mustn’t be used!

applying thermal grease
Please use only a small amount of the thermal grease. to much thermal grease will interfere the heat transfer!

2. Assembling

Step a:
Put the 4 screw from the backside thru the countersunk holes of the CFRP plate.

Step b:
Now put both spacers with the flat side pointing inwards on the screws.

Step c:
Now put Your Jive ESC between the spacers and align the heatsink with it’s extension to the cooling aerea of the Jive ESC.

Step d:
Finally attach the heatsink and fan with the stews on the Jive ESC. Make sure to set the extension of the heatsink exactly to the cooling area of the Jive ESC and the is held closely in between CFRP plate and heatsink.

Questions & Answers

Does the JCooler fit every model?
The JCooler can be mounted in every model that has at least 50 x 50 x 48 mm for the JCooler 80 and 50 x 50 x 52,4 mm for the JCooler 120.

Does the JCooler work without the fan?
Yes. The JCooler works perfect without the fan. But You will need some more spacer and shorter screws which are not included. Also the cooling effect is not as good as with the attached fan due to less air circulation. So in hard conditions the ESC might shut down.

What’s the right amount of thermal grease?
Less is more! Please use only a small amount of thermal grease, to much thermal grease will interfere the heat transfer.

Couldn’t the Jive ESCs jumper port be used to power up the fan?
No. We do not recommend to use the Jive ESCs jumper port to power up the fan! The jumper port is only for programming purposes and using it for powering up the fan will result in loss of warranty.

Click HERE to order your very own JCooler from ReadyHeli.

Source: The JCooler via ReadyHeli

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