Smarter way to monitor your LiPos

Logic RC has just released a new and improved version of its Smart Guard battery monitor called the Smart Alarm.

The Fusion Smart Alarm has similar functionality to the Smart Guard, but is smaller and includes a programmable low voltage alarm.

Being lightweight, the Smart Alarm can also be used as an on-board battery monitor and when combined with the remote twin 90dB sounder with LED, it can give you live audible battery warnings in flight.


• Small and lightweight with multiple easy to use functions
• Can be used as a digital battery checker or on-board battery monitor with alarm
• Backlit 128 x 64 pixel LCD screen
• Includes optional on-board remote sounder with twin 90dB buzzers and LED
• Programmable Low Voltage Alarm
• Programmable Lithium Cell voltage difference alarm

RRP: £14.99

For a full explanation of the functionality and specifications, you can view the instructions on the Logic RC website at or telephone 01992 558226 for more details.

Source: Logic RC via Radio Control RotorWorld

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