New product : SRB EC145 4 blade version

4 blade stabilizer less rotor head with collective pitch

This is newly developed 4 blade stabilizer less rotor head with precise scale detail.
Maintenance is easy with simple mechanism.

■ Main mast :4mm carbon (Only for 4 blade models)
■ Center hub :CNC black anodized
■ Blade holder : CNC black anodized
■ Swashplate: (120°small size):CNC black anodized (Upper plate only)
■ Dome : Plastic
■ Washout control arms: Plastic
■ Elevator lever: Plastic

Newly designed foam 4 blades

Our new foam blades have both scale reality and best aerodynamic design.
Compared with normal 2 blades, chord is 40% narrower.

All Hirobo indoor models are using main blades made of foam for maximum safety for indoor flight. We are the only manufacturer making foam blades for stabilizer less scale rotor heads. Both surfaces are laminated. These blades can be painted for more scale details.

High quality factory assembled / painted fuselage

Lots of scale details such as rivets or lines are replicated on our plastic parts.
Painting for these models are state of the art.

Assemblying each parts, polishing, applying primers, decals, overspray finish, weathering, etc. Painting each EC145 models takes approx 30 hours of work by professional workers at Tamiya factory. All of them done by their hands. None of small size helicopters are assembled nor finished with such dedication.

Decal made by Cartograf S.r.l

Decal used in all EC145 series are made by world famous Cartograf.

EC145 is trademarks of EUROCOPTER. The body design of the helicopter is subject to
intellectual property owned by EUROCOPTER. Reproduction authorized by EUROCOPTER.

Following 4 colors are available. Shipping for this model will start from April 2012.

[Securite Civile]

[Schweizerische Rettungsflugwacht (Rega)]

[Police Helicopter Squadron Hessen]

[US MILITALY (UH-72A Lakota)]

Source: Hirobo

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