Goblin Tuning Chassis 630/700 of GROHEIN Modelltechnik

The real 3mm carbon fiber chassis impresses not only with lightness and style, no it’s also has a slider installed, which can be seen only at the second look.

A battery-rails-Click system is found in the chassis. You have your battery on a solid CFK plate shrunk. Then still fit the thick Lipo packs, which is not the case with other solutions.

There are two versions, one with and one without a click system!
The version without the click system is made from 2.1 mm carbon fiber, so a bit lighter.
As I said, now larger speedcontroller will fit in the goblin (like Kontonik Kosmik 200), the lower aluminum control plate can be omitted- if desired (reduces weight)-, making room for a small plate for an ext. BEC or similar.
Of course you can also leave the speedcontroller below. Anything is possible.

The Name of the chassisis program “Skelettor” it is called, looks like a skeleton, but is more than twice as stiff as the original modular chassis. To the series include more matching elegant Curves, also of genuine carbon fiber,-what the heck back up free reign, as well as a complete set for the tail, which is equipped with a new German quality bearings.

The High quality standards are probably a reason to buy, not least decisive . The “cheap” Tuning is interesting for everyone.

now You can order under www.grohein.de by e-mail!

To 31.12. there’s also a 10% discount on an order!

Soon to come will be Goblin 770 and 500 tuning chassis.

Please visit the GROHEIN website for all the Goblin 630/700 products by clicking HERE.

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