Futaba Japan just released info for the new Futaba 8FG Super 2.4GHz FASST transmitter. Continue on to read about this awesome transmitter.

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Note: Google Translate was used, so some of the English translation might not make sense, but you get the idea

8FG super (14 (12 +2) ch-2.4GHz models only)

The upgraded 14cH 8FG!


Product Details

The ever-friendly touch interface with the 8FG upgraded to 14ch. Jaro S. BUS system for 3-axis helicopter CGY750 input screen settings of the transmitter can be adjusted. Has added new features and user menus, and useful features can be customized to your most frequently used flow, Makoto Makoto 8FGsuper the equipment ahead of the times again.

For aircraft 8FG super T / R Set
Transmitter: T8FGS (2.4GHz) + Ni-MH battery HT6F1700B
Receiver: R6208 SB (2.4GHz) / charger HBC-2A (4)
T / R Set R6208 SB w ¥ 63,000 (price without tax ¥ 60,000)
For small plane
T / R sets (R6106HFC) ¥ 49,875 (price without tax ¥ 47,500)

For helicopter 8FG super T / R Set
Transmitter: T8FGS (2.4GHz) + Ni-MH battery HT6F1700B
Receiver: R6208 SB (2.4GHz) / charger HBC-2A (4)
T / R Set R6208 SB w ¥ 63,000 (price without tax ¥ 60,000)
For small helicopters
T / R sets (R6106HFC) ¥ 49,875 (price without tax ¥ 47,500)

In three-axis gyroscope and 8FGsuper CGY750 additional menu settings. Setting rates, the number can be displayed.

14ch setting function of increased flexibility to assign each channel’s position is upgraded. 5 ~ 8ch display screen menu.

14ch function menu screen has been upgraded to 9ch ~ 12ch channel can operate up to a linear assignment. 13/14ch switching behavior can be.

User menu has been added as a new feature, so you can customize your current frequently used functions can be comfortable operation.

Dual rate system can be set five helicopter / glider model is divided into five each condition.

You can easily select features in the model menu. I do not have stress in Japanese katakana view, of course.

The pitch curve and throttle curve setting system in five points, setting broadening can be moved to any position of each point.

Swash This feature works to optimize the balance of more than 3 8FG Suwasshusabo is installed.

● : What’s New
■ 8FG: Common functional specification ● 14ch (12 +2 CH) / touch setting ● ● 2.4GHz (Multi / 7ch mode switch) – Multi-2 (14ch Mode) ● 20 ● memory model for 128×64 Dot, LED backlit monochrome LCD Japanese Katakana ● / English, ● ● Monitor 2.4GHz for some other seven countries airplane antenna LED (red,ケ2) ● ● digital trim lever slides the left and right ● SD card slot (card sold separately) ● 7.2 Ni-MH battery V / 1,700 mAh model menu ● (airplane / helicopter / glider) Username trainer ● ● / model name (10 characters / letters ten) ● buzzer (ON-OFF can be set) ● Monitor ● ● Servo sub trim Sutikkukyaribureshon ● ● Fail-Safe Reverse endpoint ● (ATV) ● Data Memory-Up Reset Trim ● ● / ● Down Timer D / R Throttle Mixing Program ● ● (Motor) 5 point curve ● User Menu

[Airplane / glider – a common Camber Aileron → flap setting ● ● ● FLP differential aileron aileron brakes ● FLP ● → → aileron rudder mixing ● ● ELE Camber Camber Camber → FLP gyro sensitivity ● FLP → ELE ● ● ● V aileron rudder → Tail wing ● ● ● Motor el beta (EP plane / glider for)
– – Private airplane cut down the throttle idle ● ● ● pitch curve (VPP) 5 points ● 3Vpp condition (pitch curve / throttle curve) Fuel Lift ● ● brakes → snap roll ladder ● ● ● Throttle delay – Mixture
[Private] glider mix selection conditions ● 5 ● Butterfly ● Trim
– – Helicopter only set the throttle cut Swash ● ● ● five selected conditions ● ● Throttle Hold Throttle mixing Swash ● ● ● 5-point throttle limiter throttle curve Suwasshuringu ● ● ● 5 point pitch curve adjustment feature pitch ● ● pitch rudder mixing fuel mixture → ● Gyro sensitivity (CGY750 3 gyro for helicopter support) ● Governor Set

Conventional method and dial a different touch scheme. Setting can only trace the finger and direct.

Standard nickel-metal hydride battery
NiMH 7.2V typically a long flight can be equipped with a battery. Under the battery SD card slot.

Bearing into the bearing sticks

Adopted 8FG stick ball bearing bearing in two places, as this class will be the first luxury design. In addition, the helicopter unit for Enkonrachetto, using a different resin materials units, provides a smooth Enkonfiringu.

Source: Futaba Japan

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