18MZ Telemetry Sensors

Monitor flight data, set alerts while you fly!

Getting the performance information you want has never been easier, lighter or
more convenient! Sensors simply plug into the S.Bus2 slot on telemetry-enabled receivers transmit data directly to the 18MZ transmitter.

● S.Bus2 provides bi-directional communication with sensors.
● The 18MZ can be programmed to provide vibratory or audible warnings or to display visible warnings.

SBS-01G GPS Sensor
Displays longitude, latitude, altitude, distance (surface and slant), speed and rate of climb/descent.
Features built-in atmospheric pressure sensor.
Weight: 0.375 oz (10.7 g). Speed: 0-311 mph (0-500 kph)
Altitude: 766-6015 yd (700-5500 m)
Variometer: -336 to +336 mph (-150 to +150 m/s)

Stock Number: FUTM0850

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SBS-01A Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
Provides: altitude & rate of climb/descent.
Range: 500-1100hPA or 162.4-16,000 feet (50-5000 meters)
Weight: 0.095 oz (2.7g)

Stock Number: FUTM0851

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SBS-01RM Magnetic RPM Sensor
Displays: revolutions per minute.
Range: 360-50,000
Weight (w/pickup): 0.32 oz (9.0g)

Stock Number: FUTM0852

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SBS-01RO Optical RPM Sensor
Displays: revolutions per minute.
Range: 360-300,000
Weight: 0.17 oz (4.9 g)

Stock Number: FUTM0853

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SBS-01T Temperature Sensor
Provides: temperature.
Range: -4 to 392° F (-20 to 200° C)
Weight: 0.16 oz (4.6 g)

Stock Number: FUTM0854

Source: Futaba

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