Have you ever forgotten to charge your glow driver? How about forgot to pack your glow driver before going to the field? Then here is another option for you. In a press release dated July 1, 2010, Zdatum Corporation, DBA: ZRC annouced the availability of PushGlo. Read on for the press release and info.
1 PushGlo

ZRC / Zdatum Corporation
(818) 709‐0268

July 1, 2010

The All New “PushGlo” Pushbutton Onboard Glow Igniter
Zdatum Corporation, DBA: ZRC, creators of the revolutionary SwitchGlo Pro Transmitter Controlled
Onboard Glow Plug Igniter, is excited to announce the release of their brand new revolutionary
PushGlo Pushbutton Onboard Glow Plug Igniter for Nitro Off‐Road and On‐Road Cars and Trucks.
In 2007, the original SwitchGlo was introduced and quickly accepted by the Nitro Helicopter community
as an innovative, be‐all and end‐all solution to convenient glow plug driving. In 2009, SwitchGlo Pro
unleashed newly added features and setup conveniences specifically for the Nitro Airplane community.
In 2010, ZRC’s quest to extend the unyielding convenience of advanced glow plug igniting to the Nitro
Car and Truck communities has resulted in a simplified, less expensive, compact, Pushbutton Onboard
Glow Plug Igniter, appropriately named PushGlo. The PushGlo debuted at the 2010 RCX Expo in
Pomona, California with great reaction from an enthusiastic crowd of car and truck fanatics!
PushGlo shares many of the same microprocessor based features as SwitchGlo Pro such as: Selectable
Glow Time, Audible “know when you glow” Buzzer, Spent Glow Plug Detection, Auto Compatibility with
4 to 9 volt RX battery source, Accessory Port for optional LED and Pushbutton Extender Modules.
PushGlo is a true plug‐and‐play device. Simply plug or Y‐adapt the power cable into a receiver channel,
attach the glow cable onto your glow plug, and push the button for 12 seconds of glow. Each additional
push adds 12 seconds of glow for up to 60 seconds of continuous glow. Terminate an extended glow by
pressing the button down for 2 seconds.
For a few extra dollars over a conventional glow igniter, PushGlo provides all these features and a load
of convenience you never thought possible! Imagine one less clunky, troublesome, battery operated
thing to carry around the field. Lose that Ni‐Starter and start glowing smarter with the All New PushGlo!

What does this mean for heli pilots? PushGlo is light weight. You don’t have to worry about forgeting to charge your glow driver. Your means of lighting the glow plug is on board, no more forgeting your glow driver at home.

Here is some info on PushGlo.
1 PushGlO_400

Push-button Controlled Onboard Glow Driver/Igniter

4V to 9V Input
Optimal “Adaptive” glow, any volt
Audible Indicator
Spent Glow Plug Alert
Selectable Glow Time
No batteries or recharging
Easy install and maintenance free
Pushbutton extender (sold separately)
LED Indicator (sold separately)

Source: SwitchGlo website

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