ProTek RC Dual Power Bus Advanced Linear Voltage Regulator

Chico, Ca, December 26, 2012 – A Main Hobbies announces the ProTek RC Dual Power Bus Advanced Linear Voltage Regulator. Protect your aircraft from voltage spikes and switching noise with this low profile, easy to mount unit. The case is an aluminum heatsink that effectively dissipates heat. An external switchboard with a one-watt LED can be mounted outside the aircraft’s fuselage to signal when the low-voltage threshold has been reached. There is also an audible alarm to signal when the power system’s voltage is too low. All of the unit’s cables, switches and the LED are individual modules that can be extended, removed or replaced. ProTek’s Dual Power Bus Voltage Regulator can be used with all radio systems including PPM, PCM, and 2.4Ghz.


* Prevents switching noise and voltage ripples that are common with switch type regulators
* Provides superior voltage and current stability, and transient response against load variation
* Works with all radio systems including PPM, PCM and 2.4GHz
* Factory installed XT-60 connector
* Large heatsink and aluminum lower case allows the regulator to be safely operated in areas with minimal airflow
* Adjustable Output voltage setup offers five preset voltage ranges; 5.2V, 6.0V, 6.8V, 7.4V, 8.4V (bypass)
* The low voltage alarm circuit can be set from 7.3V to 6.5V, or disarmed
* Both the LOW/BATT LED display (display on middle case) and the buzzer on the main unit are triggered when the battery voltage falls below the voltage threshold
* Separate noise filtered output voltages are available for the CCPM channels and the receiver and are adjustable from 5.4V to 8.4V allowing optimum and safe use of high voltage CCPM servos and low voltage tail servos
* When the failsafe is triggered, the regulator will bypass itself to prevent an accident caused by a low voltage condition
* All cables, switches and LED unit are individual modules so they can be extended, removed or replaced

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Additional Info:


Input Voltage: 6 – 10V (5 – 8 cell NiCd/NiMH, 2 cell LiPo)
Output Voltage:
Servo Channel; 5.2V/6.0V/6.8V/7.4V/8.4V (Bypass)
Receiver Channel; 5.2V/6.0V/6.8V/7.4V/8.4V (Bypass)
Output Current:
Servo Channel; 8A (Max 12A @ 5.2V – 6.0V)
Servo Channel; 10A – 15A (Max 20A @ 6.8V – 7.4V)
Receiver Channel; 8A (Max 12A @ 5.2V – 6.0V)
Receiver Channel; 10A – 15A (Max 20A @ 7.4V)
Low Voltage Alarm Setup: LiFe type (6.5V) LiPo type (7.3V) enable to setup
Switch Type: Fail Safe (Fail-Safe-On) Push button type with LED/Display board
Power Connector Type: XT60 connector
Size (WxLxH): 60.5×39.6×14.8mm
Weight: 56.6g

(1) ProTek R/C Dual Power Bus Advanced Linear Voltage Regulator
(1) Switchboard with LED/Display
(1) Male XT-60 Connector
(4) Receiver Cables

Source: A Main Hobbies

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