Just in time for the holiday season! Thunder Power RC has all new ultra micro batteries and chargers. Perfect additional gifts to go along with those ultra micro helis that will be under the Christmas Tree. Click to read the info on these new batteries and chargers.

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New Definitions in Power, Cycle Life Delivery and Charging Capabilities for Ultra-Micro Models

Thunder Power RC introduces all-new 1S 3.7V 125mAh and 160mAh G4 Pro Lite 25C series ultra-micro LiPo batteries delivering more capacity and power at the lowest possible weight, up to 5-times more cycle life and 5C charge rate capability with no loss in power or cycle life delivery. Plus they can be matched with the all-new TP103CQ Quad Port pocket-sized charger for hours of non-stop flying fun.

LAS VEGAS, NV. November 23, 2010 – Growth in the popularity of ultra-micro class airplane and helicopter models has taken the world by storm. And as more advanced and high-performance models become available, the need for higher performance and longer lasting batteries becomes even more common. And now Thunder Power RC is excited to lead the way by offering the lightest, most powerful and longest lasting batteries for ultra-micro models yet!

The all-new 1S 125mAh (TP125-1SPL25UM) and 160mAh (TP160-1SPL25UM) G4 Pro Lite 25C series ultra-micro batteries are equipped with the compatible connector to fit popular Blade®, E-flite®, Force RC™, HobbyZone®, ParkZone® and other ultra-micro airplanes, helicopters and chargers for easy plug and play use. Both options offer more capacity than ‘stock’ batteries for more duration per charge along with smaller size and less weight per capacity than similar class batteries for easier center of gravity adjustment and maximum performance. Plus, like other Thunder Power RC G4 series batteries, they deliver up to 5-times more cycle life and can be ultra-fast charged at rates up to 5C with no loss in cycle life or power delivery so you can spend less time charging and more time flying.

Pocket-Sized Charging Power and Convenience for Ultra-Micro Batteries

Product Name: TP103CQ
Item Number: TP103CQ (THP103CQ)
MAP/Street Price: $24.99

Advanced Multi-Color LED Indicators
Advanced multi-color LED indicators for each port are red while charging and change to green when charging is complete while the separate main power LED glows red when the charger is powered on.

G4 Pro Lite 25C Series Ultra-Micro Batteries
Power your ultra-micro models with Thunder Power RC 1S 125mAh (TP125-1SPL25UM) and 160mAh (TP160-1SPL25UM) G4 Pro Lite 25C series batteries that offer less weight, more power and longer life than similar class batteries.

Thunder Power RC is also proud to announce the all-new TP103CQ Quad/4-Port Charger and the convenient TP103CQ-ACDC combo – the ideal, pocketsized charger and power supply setup to charge the 1S 3.7V LiPo batteries typically used to power ultra-micro and similar class airplanes, helicopters and other models. The TP103CQ quad (4) port charger can be easily and conveniently powered from a 100-240V outlet using the included TP1201P AC to DC, 1-amp power supply while the included DC input power leads can be connected to almost any 11-15V DC power source including a 12V Pb (leadacid/gel cell) battery for charging on the go. The charger features four ports that operate independently and allow you to charge one or up to four batteries simultaneously at a rate of 0.3A per port. Other great features include advanced multi-color LED indicators for each port that signal red when in charge mode and green when charging is complete for the simplest operation.

The TP103CQ is compatible with Thunder Power RC ultra-micro class batteries in addition to most other similar class batteries available from Blade, E-flite, Force RC, ParkZone, HobbyZone and others, and for those that may not need the AC power supply, the TP103CQ is also available separately as the charger with DC input power leads only.

* Incredibly convenient pocket-sized quad (4) port charger for 1S 3.7V ultra-micro class batteries
* Features four independently operating ports used for charging one or up to four batteries simultaneously
* Fixed 0.3-amp charge rate per port that’s safe and fast for a wide variety of ultra-micro class batteries
* Advanced multi-color LED indicators for each port along with a separate main power LED indicator
* Compatible with the housings and connector typically found on ultra-micro class batteries from Thunder Power RC, Blade®, E-flite®, Force RC™, HobbyZone®, ParkZone® and others
* Included DC input power leads can be connected to an 11-15V DC power source including a 12V Pb (leadacid/ gel cell) battery to charge on the go
* Use the optional (sold separately or in a combo as TP103CQ-ACDC) TP1201P AC to 12V DC, 1-amp power supply to power the TP103CQ from a 100-240V outlet

Type: 1-Cell/1S 3.7V Ultra-Micro LiPo DC Charger
Input Power: 11-15V DC
Battery Cell Counts/Type: 1S LiPo (ultra-micro class)
Charge Current: 0.3 amps per port (5 watts max)
Charge Ports: Quad (4) independent


For the ultimate experience in ultra-micros, upgrade to Thunder Power RC’s all-new TP103CQ Quad Port Charger and G4 Pro Lite 25C series ultra-micro batteries to minimize charge times and maximize performance – available now through the best retailers world-wide!

About Thunder Power RC

Since 2003 Thunder Power RC has been the world-leader in the advancement of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery power and charging solutions for a wide variety of RC, UAV/UAS and other applications. Continuing to set industry-leading standards in performance, reliability and value is why more pilots, drivers and professionals world-wide choose Thunder Power RC LiPo batteries over any other brand.

Thunder Power RC – # 1 in Performance and Reliability

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