In the July 20th Newsletter from our friends at Power RC Hobbies, we got the scoops on updates for the Rave ENV and Total-G as well as IRCHA. Read on to get it all.

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ENV and Total G Release Announcement:
We are happy to announce to all our dealers that we will start shipping both the ENV and Total Gs on Monday July 26th. These will be shipping all over the world at the same time. We cannot guarantee when they will show up in your area due to different shipping times.
The ENV Electric Flybarless version, ND-YR7-K1003, will be the first version to ship. The Nitro Flybarless, ND-YR7-K1002, will follow soon after. The Electric and Nitro Flybar models will be the last to ship but the time between these different versions should be very short. We plan to have all versions of the kits shipping by the 2nd week in August. Parts will be available and shipping in the same time frame as the kits.

The G-View2 will start shipping about 1 week after the Total Gs are shipping. The Total Gs will come with the adaptor cable to connect the computer interface, so the user can get full use of the Total G even before they get the optional GView2.
Everyone get ready. They are coming.


We are currently gearing up for IRCHA. If there are certain items you would like for us to have in Muncie, please send us an e-mail and we will do our best to make sure we have it there.

Source: Power RC Hobbies Newsletter

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