Priceless Tools – September

One of the most important things to remember while assembling or maintaining an R/C Helicopter is thread locking adhesive. Preventing threaded metal fasteners from loosening due to shock and vibration is critical on R/C Helicopters. Not all thread lockers are created equally and if used for the wrong purpose can cause catastrophic failures. I tend to stick with name brand adhesives such as Loctite which provide detailed information regarding strength, curing time, as well as compatibility with other chemicals such as oil. Low and medium strength can be removed with a hand tool. High strength may require heat and a hand tool. These adhesives can usually reach full strength in 24 hours with the absence of air. It is very important to clean threaded surfaces prior to assembling to remove any oil residue left over from the machining process. Cleaning can be done with a number of solvents such as acetone, Loctite Primer, or 90% rubbing alcohol. Note: Primers are recommended when working with aluminum, black-oxide finishes, cadmium, stainlesssteel, titanium, and zinc. See Loctite® 7649™ Primer N™. The other “lazy” option is using a Loctite that is resistant to oil, specifically Loctite Blue 243 and Loctite Red 262. These can be purchased at McMaster Carr –>

Source: Matt Botos

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