Align 700N PRO world’s first exposure

Chance wrote:

700 tanker aircraft was almost empty window for some time in the T-REX800E TREKKER immediately come up with a 700N oil moving helicopter, which is a brand new T-REX700N PRO version, rotor head, tail gearbox to maintain with the 700E DFC the same design, the fuselage with the older body is very different from the overall width narrowing, helical gear design, the control mode to maintain the dual-sliding design, the overall structure is more compact and strong, with the new hood overall more murderous!
Plane sample machine equipped with the above the OS105 engine future, I believe that Align will also once again with the OS to work together to launch the Align 105 engine. We take a look at more photos! A grasping out 700NP site all the commotion, electric helicopter is the mainstream, but fuel helicopter is also a lot of people are looking for products, after all, the engine noise is not easily can replace the charm of A! At first glance, it seems there is not much difference with the 700N. In this receiver, Block can be seen on the side panel with the older 700N is narrower than many. Configuration of the steering gear, almost 700N. DFC rotor head helical gear sets look almost the clutch is exposed, in fact, half coated, because the side panels narrowed. The fuel tank has also increased capacity to meet the enormous fuel consumption of 105 to 120 engine. Is equipped with a sample on the OS105. Engine Block is still a style, formal style of product 2 with a heat sink design. Bearing change more narrow, but remained with the 700N of bearing up uplift design. Compare with the iPhone, sides narrowing? T-REX 700N was finally brought out a new dish 700N PRO “straight from the oil came into contact with the helicopter, see the 700N PRO is certainly passionate, at least I am, I have a the 700N testing of the first generation prototype, is still I like to fly a helicopter, fly fuel helicopter need to constantly adjust the oil needle, fuel, etc., but the exhaust noise and exhaust smoke flavor, for me, is like a drug as addictive, but also my one of the elements like remote control helicopters!

Now enjoy the pics:

Source: RC Mania

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