Scott Gray posted a ton of great photos and detailed info on his Sylphide that took 2nd Place at the World’s in 2009. Click for more details!


As mentioned, Scott Gray posted some very detailed information on his helicopter’s setup on his site over at Scott Gray RC. Here is some of the info from Scott’s site regarding his world class helicopter, plus a link to the detailed post and loads of photos on his site:

JR Heli Division – Sylphide 90 WC 2009

The JR Sylphide 90 continued as my primary choice for F3C for the 2009 F3C World Championships and US Nationals capturing 2nd and 1st place respectively. It is hard to change from what works and is proven, so only a few changes were made to my 2008 helicopters to get them ready for the season.

New Fuselage

Thanks to u-neak | DESIGNS both my A and B helis are fitted with brand new, custom painted fuselages. They are without a doubt the nicest paint jobs I have ever seen, let alone owned! In the past I have done my own vinyl decal designs with clear coat, but these new paint jobs make my old fuselages look ancient. I worked with u-neak | DESIGNS by supplying my own 2D artwork based on my latest Super Gracy colorschemes. I wanted to have a similar look to the “SG” scheme that is included in JR’s Super Gracy fuselage kits now, but step it up a bit more with effects and colors you cannot get in vinyl decals. If you are looking for the best paint job for your heli’s canopy or fuselage, look no further. Call up u-neak to book a paint job……

See Scott Gray’s site for the whole write-up and a bunch of photos here: Scott Gray RC

Source: Scott Gray RC

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