so there has been a lot of speculation about this motor but not a lot of real detail available.

Earlier today Hobbico shared some videos made by OS Max yesterday of the motor flying in three different platforms. I was given permission to publish them here

OS Max GT 15 – JR Vibe

YouTube Preview Image

OS Max GT 15 gas motor flying a JR Vibe 90

Line Break - Medium Red

OS Max GT15 – Align Trex 700

YouTube Preview Image

OS Max GT 15 with Align Trex 700

Line Break - Medium Red

OS Max GT 15 – Hirobo Freya

YouTube Preview Image

OS Max GT15 Installed in Hirobo Eagle Freya

As you can see OS is making good progress with this

Some comments to answer likely questions
the fuel contains klotz oil. Klotz is red so that accounts for the color of the fuel. It is NOT glow fuel
I don’t know the purpose of the edits in the videos
I don’t know the size of the rotor blades used. The models are clearly 90 versions of each
I have personally flown a version of this motor in a model so it is definitely real
I don’t know the release date or the pricing

Source: Carey Shurley

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