O.S. has come out with a sweet spin on their current .55 size powerhouse, the new O.S. 55HZ Hyper Limited Edition 3D Package. Check out more pics and info inside!

55limited 2

Thanks to our friends over at RCMania we got some awesome sneak shots of this special edition O.S. motor. Debuted at the Shizuoka Model Show in 2010, O.S. launched a shiny new product, the OS55HZ3D Limited Edition. Seen athe the  Shizuoka Model show it i s  literally a specially made twist on the domestic version. Looking to be extremely exclusive it is forseen to be a very difficult motor/pipe package to obtain.

So what changed? Special black exterior treatment, thermal heat sink head is changed to purple anodizing and accelerating tube is all black to create a fierce sense.


More products details will be available soon.

Source: RCMania

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