It’s here! The long awaited 90 size electric bird from Kasama Helicopters. After reading the manual and looking at the pictures for this machine, I must say that I am really impressed. The Kasama Srimok 90E will surely be a serious player in the 90 size heli market. Read on for the details and check out the pics.

Srimok 90 Logo

The Kasama Srimok .90 Electric helicopter represents the finest in RC Helicopter engineering. The materials quality, fit, and finish on this model are the simply stellar. Aside from its stunning quality and looks, this helicopter has many innovative design features. Among those features are provisions for tuning & variable vibration damping that are built directly into the frame. This allows customizable tuning to obtain maximum performance, no matter your flying style or environment! Did we mention that the parts quality was jaw dropping?

Includes unpainted fiberglass canopy

– Full Metal Kasama Srimok Rotor Head.
– Grade 7075-T6 Aluminum Rotor Hub and Blade Grip.
– 8mm Steel Spindle.
– 3mm Titanium Turnbuckle Control Rods.
– High Speed 120°CCPM Swash Plate.
– 10mm Steel Main Shaft.
– CCPM Servos Shaft Driven.
– Metal Servo Horns Included
– Three Main Bearing Blocks. The Upper Two Utilize Thrust Bearings.
– Clutch Bearing Block Drive. Vibration-Isolated.
– Grade 7075-T6 Aluminum Auto Rotation System. Heavy Duty CAM Clutch One-way Bearing.
– Rudder Control Rod Linear Bearing Support. Vibration-Isolated.
– Carbon Fiber Tail Boom.
– Eastman Arrow Shaft Torque Tube. Concentric Joint.
– Titanium Screw for Tail Boom Support
– Angular Tail Boom Support
– Full Metal Tail System. Innovative Pitch Control.
– Easily Adjustable Bevel Input Pinion for Shaft Drive Transmission.
– Canopy Mount Damper Supported. Vibration-Isolated.
– Unpainted Fiberglass Canopy.
– Carbon Fiber Landing Skids.
– Polished Aluminum Skid Pipe.
– 2mm Carbon Fiber Air Frame. Vibration-Isolated.

– RTF Weight: 10.80lb-11.02lb (4.9KG-5.0KG)
– Main Blade Length: 690-710mm
– Pinion Gear: 12t Steel
– Stock Main Gear: 120t
– Stock Gear Ratio: 10:1

– Kasama Srimok .90 Electric Helicopter Kit. No electronics or blades included!

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Source: Pictures from Kasama Helicopters, details from

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