Your Name: Nick Maxwell

Where your from originally: Fort Wayne, IN

Where do you currently reside: Bryan, TX

Family, wife, kids, single: single, no children

Languages you speak (native and secondary): English (familiar with but not fluent in American Sign Language)

Current Age: 20

Age you started flying helis (and/or years flying helis): 10 years

Do you also fly planes?: Yes, since age 4.

What mode do you fly (radio mode….mode 1 etc): Mode 2

Powerplant preference…electric or nitro: Nitro for 3d; Electric for FAI

Stabilization preference….flybar or v-bar: Flybarless for 3D; Flybar for FAI

If flybarless, which system: Total G

What do you do for a living outside of flying RC helicopters: Team manager for Curtis Youngblood Enterprises

Other Sponsors: Curtis Youngblood, Castle Creations, and U-Neak Designs

Competitions competed in and finish’s if available: XFC 2006-current, placing 3rd in 2008, 2nd 2009; 3DMasters 2006, 2008-current, placing 5th in 2008; Efest Heli Smackdown 2006-current 1st place, 2006, 07, 08, 10; IRCHA Night Fly, 1st, 2008, 2009; Taiwan Cup 5th place 2006.

Other projects your involved in inside the hobby ex: designer..instructional videos…: Product Testing, and also project wise, would like to build a scale model in the near future.

Where do you see the hobby going in the next 5 years: That’s hard to say! Can only imagine advancements in electric power, and glow power also,  flybarless technology, molding/manufacturing processes and materials making models stronger, easier to work on, and cheaper. Flying wise, just more radical maneuvers as models gain power, and loose weight.

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