Marcus Kim

Marcus Kim

Your Name: Marcus Kim

Where your from originally: Columbia, South Carolina

Where do you currently reside: Columbia, South Carolina

Languages you speak (native and secondary): English, Korean

Current Age: 24

Age you started flying helis (and/or years flying helis): 12yrs- 12 yrs flying helis

Do you also fly planes? Yes, started planes before helis.

What mode do you fly (radio mode….mode 1 etc): Mode 2

Powerplant preference…electric or nitro: Currently nitro, may change soon.

Stabilization preference….flybar or v-bar: Flybar

What do you do for a living out side of flying RC Helicopters: Deputy Sheriff

If this is your fulltime job which is your full time sponsor: Avant R/C

Other Sponsors: Avant R/C, Spektrum, Horizon Hobbies, Thunderpower Batteries, Coolpower fuels, Hatori Mufflers, Omi, V-blades, U-neak Designs

Notable awards or Event: 5th xfc 2005, 7th 2006 xfc, 1st 2004 IRCHA night-fly, xfc 2008 team 3rd, Demos in Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, China, England, and all around the U.S.

Your hot Heli Setups (electronics setups…engines…fuel…batts etc…): Avant Aurora, YS 91, Hatori sb-19, Vblades, JR 8717HV servos, Spartan Gyro, Thunderpower 2s 2600mah.

Industry experience (previous sponsors or teams): Have seen a lot over the years.

Future plans or events: IRCHA and other events around, not 100% sure as of yet.

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