Your Name: Jason Bell

Where your from originally: Toledo, Ohio

Where do you currently reside San Diego, Ca

Family ex: wife, single, kids: Single

Languages you speak (native and secondary): English, Some Spanish

Current Age: 19

Age you started flying helis (and/or years flying helis): 6yrs started helis at 14

Do you also fly planes? Yes

What mode do you fly (radio mode….mode 1 etc): Mode 2

Powerplant preference…electric or nitro: Nitro

Stabilization preference….flybar or v-bar: Flybar

If flybarless, system preference: Total G

What do you do for a living out side of flying RC Helicopters: Sales Associate at local hobby store

Sponsors: Avant RC, Horizon Hobby, Thunder Power R/C, Aerospire, Curtis Youngblood Enterprises, Canopy Works, and Castle Creations

Competitions competed in and finishes if available:

Other projects your involved in inside the hobby ex: designer..instructional videos..:

Where do you see the hobby going in the next five years: Tons of new heli designs and concepts, price competitions, brushless servos becoming standard, and more of everything.

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