Bobby Watts

Your Name: Bobby Watts

Where your from originally: Baltimore, Maryland

Where do you currently reside: Baltimore, Maryland when not in school. During the school year- University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC)

Languages you speak (native and secondary): English

Current Age: 21

Age you started flying helis (and/or years flying helis): Started at age 15. Been flying for 6 years

Do you also fly planes? Yes, poorly.

What mode do you fly (radio mode….mode 1 etc): Mode 2

Powerplant preference…electric or nitro: Nitro

Stabilization preference….flybar or v-bar: Flybar

What do you do for a living out side of flying RC Helicopters: Student

Other Sponsors: Flyco, Miniature Aircraft USA, Empire Hobbies, Gaui, Futaba, OS Engines, Morgan Fuels, V Blades, Hatori, Infinnovative Designs, Xerogear

Notable awards or Event: 2nd Place XFC 2007, 3rd Place 3D Masters 2007, 2nd Place XFC 2008, 3rd Place XFC 2009

Your hot Heli Setups (electronics setups…engines…fuel…batts etc…) Miniature Aircraft Furion 50 and 90. OS Engines, Futaba BLS 351 Servos, GY 520, Hatori SB50/ SB 20, V Blades, Cool Power 30%

Future plans or events: Going to as many events as possible!

Personal Website:

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