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This year some of you may know that has launched it’s notable pilots awards. The 2009 Notable Pilots Awards is our way of recognizing certain pilots in the industry whose popularity, accomplishments, skills, contributions & talents are extraordinary. This isn’t a contest or a gauge of who is better than who. It’s simply an AWARD OF RECOGNITION saying “Thank you for your contributions to the industry.” As well its a marketing tool for you, your team and your sponsors to gain more marketing exposure free of charge.

If you feel you should be listed as a notable pilot or need to update your page please contact us at

Marcus Kim
Bobby Watts
nick maxwell profile update copy
Jaimie update copy
<p>Jason Krause</p>
danielk2 update
Ray Nemovi
Alan Szabo Jr.
Alon Barak
Dominik Haegele
Matt botos profile update
Danny Szabo
raqual profile update
Tim Jones
Tom Erik-Rolfson
Andy Rummer
Daniel Jetschin
Justin Jee (formerly Chi)
Colin Bell
bertk update copy

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