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“Synergy E5 will be unveiled Thursday at 2pm! It will be sporting the new Rail 556mm main blades, so don’t forget to come check us out at the Synergy tent on vender row!”

Synergy R/C Helicopters

This year at IRCHA, the all new Synergy E5 will be unveiled to the public. We plan on unveiling on Thursday at 2pm! See you there!

Here is what Matt had to say about the E5 earlier this year.

“The E5 project just started at the end of January. A prototype is flying at the moment and I will post pictures when I have the canopy sample. There are some new “original” features that could be easily duplicated which is why I have chosen to not release pictures. As you could imagine, this is a very competitive market and I need to take advantage of every original design aspect.

A little more information about the E5 :

– 550 Class Electric Heli
– 10mm main shaft / 8mm head axle
– Machined Delrin Helical Main Gear
– Shaft Driven Tail System
– Monster Mod 1.25 Bevel Gears and Counter Gear
– Lower motor shaft bearing block
– Third main shaft bearing block
– Direct servo to swash CCPM (very similar to the E6/7)
– 52mm inner frame width for multiple motor options
– 25/30mm motor bolt width for multiple motor options
– Washout Arm mounting integrated into the head block
– 6S – 12S battery compartment capability (I am currently running 6S 5000mah packs)
– Easily stretched to 600 class helicopter with E6 parts

I wish I could give you a release date but as until I am closer to pre-production it is very difficult to estimate. Historically models that I have started in January are released in the summer.



Source: Synergy R/C Helicopters via Rail Blades

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