Okay, everyone the wait is over! Another major player in the 50 size electric class is introduced. Outrage RC added details of the new Fusion 50 to their website. Click to get the details of this new heli.

Outrage RC

The Fusion 50 is available in two versions:

Fusion 50 (Flybar) Pro Kit
Fusion 50 Flybarred
Line Break - Medium Red
Fusion 50 (Flybarless) Pro Kit
Fusion 50 FBL
Line Break - Medium Red

The new Outrage Fusion 50 electric – defining the design of advanced 3D RC helicopters. After many hours of designing, testing and refinment, the Fusion 50 is going to be available very soon. This helicopter brings style and functionality together in a harmonius relationship not often achieved. The airframe is light yet strong, and will take all the punishment you throw at it. The helicopoter is highly tunable to suit your flying style. It is precise yet quick and responsive to follow your every command. From the fully programmable rotor head to the full metal tail unit with torque tube drive – this helicopter has it all. With an ultra compact frame design , this model stands out in the 50 size field.


Length: 1219mm, Height: 368mm , Width: 203mm
Main Rotor Blade Size 600-640mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1355mm -1425mm
Tail Blade Length: 95mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 250mm
Main Gear ratio: Variable
Tail Rotor Ratio 4.583:1


1. Head System

. Fully adjustable head allowing multiple setups from high stability to maximum agility making it perfect for the beginner to advanced pilot.
. CNC 7075-T651 American alloy on critical head support parts requiring ultra rigidity.
. CNC 6061-T651 American alloy for head parts requiring stability.
. Dual ball raced seesaw support in center hub.
. Dual ball raced radius arms for precision control.
. Extra long washout base for increased lever stability.
. Dual ball raced 120/140 CCPM swash plate.
. Achievable pitch range of +15/-15 degrees of pitch.
. High quality screw hardware.
. 10mm Hollow hardened main shaft.
. 8mm Spindle shaft.
. Stainless steel 4.75mm OD Linkage balls.
. One piece dampers.

2. Frame System

. Ultra compact frame technology for superior frame rigidity.
. CNC 6061-T651 American alloy main shaft bearing blocks and mechanics.
. High quality fiber reinforced injection molded plastics.
. High quality screw hardware.
. Multiple Electronic placement options.
. Adjustable servo mounts for various size and brand servos.
. Adjustable drive train for optional gear ratios.
. Ultra high strength injection molded drive gears.
. Zero pitch alignment points for easy head setup.
. Optimal servo positions for increased accuracy in control.
. Break-away canopy tabs.
. Component positions mounted high in frame enhancing axial CG for improved 3D reactions.
. Tail servo semi concealed within the frames for a compact look .Motor mount for 25 and 30mm M3 bolt spacing, ties into main bearing block. Motor shaft pinion support for 5mm and 6mm shafts (changable bearing for 6mm)
. Frame support bracket around the motor for strength. The electronics tray includes wire guides for a clean installation .New improved one way bearing assembly
. 0.8 Mod main gear
. Pinions for 5 and 6mm shafts available (5mm: 11-16T, 6mm: 12-16T) .Battery tray removable for fast battery changes .Suitable for 6 – 12 cell battery packs. Wide variety of usable motor KV’s and motor dimensions. One piece plastic base tray

3. Tail System

. Extend boom length for improved forward flight tracking and superior tail authority in extreme 3D conditions.
. xx Ball bearing tail pitch control system for smooth precise control.
. Torque tube design for efficiency.
. Ultra high strength Injection molded torque tube gears.
. High quality Carbon 95mm tail blades.

4. Canopy

. Aerodynamically formed canopy shape for enhanced flight characteristics.
. Light weight construction fiberglass composites.
. High quality Canomodâ„¢ airbrush fiberglass canopy.

5. High performance 3D Servos

.JR DS8417
.JR DS8717
.Futaba S9452
.Futaba BLS451
.Ino-Lab HG-D751MG
.Ino-Lab HG-D760MG
.Ino-Lab HG-D760HB
.Outrage Torque 9180
Beginner Choice Servos
.JR DS281
.Futaba S9252
.Futaba S3001
.Hitec HS-5965MG
.Hitec HS-5475HB
Performance Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blades
.SWE Symmetrical CF 600mm Main Blade (SWE-600DCW)
.SWE Symmetrical CF 620mm Main Blade (SWE-620DC)
.SWE Symmetrical CF 630mm Main Blade (SWE-630DC)
.Rotortech 3D PRO 610mm Symmetrical Blade (CN266166C)
.SAB “RED DEVIL” 600mm Sym CF Carbon Fiber Main Blade
.SAB “RED DEVIL” 620mm Sym CF Carbon Fiber Main Blade
Budget CF and Fiberglass Blades
.SWE Symmetrical FRP 550mm Main Blade (SWE-600DW)
.PRO 3D CF Carbon Fiber 600mm main blade (White/Black 3D)
.RJX 600mm FRP Main Blades
Performance Tail Blades
.SWE Sym Y Type CF Carbon Fiber 95mm Tail Rotor Blade
.Radix 95mm Tail Blades – YEI-YB-95
.95MM CF Tail Blade (EDN-1078)
Recommended Gyros
.Spartan DS760 With JR DS8900 Servo
.JR 770 with DS8900 Servo
.Futaba 611 with S9256 Servo
.Futaba GY401 with S9254
.Solid G Heading Hold Gyro with JR DS8700G

Source: Outrage RC

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