Scorpion Power System

To all Scorpion team pilot and field Rep,
Due to the recent Align marketing specifically targeting Scorpion, we can no longer support any Pilot / Field Rep flying ALign helis, but if you wish to continue to support us, we have a deal for you, sell your align heli, and we will get you a similar size heli at the same price you sold yours from the following heli company in alphabetical order.

Alees Rush series

CYE Rave series

Gaui series

JR E8 series

Mikado Logo series

Synergy Heli series

SAB Goblin series

Thunder Tiger Raptor series.

We will also replace your ALign servos with JR servos, your ALign FBL system will be replace by Mini V-Stabi.

We hope you stay with us and also hope you understand that we can not support you to promote such a low ethic company, some people say Business is Business, yes, i agree, but a minimum of code of conduct should be followed. especially in the RC Hobby business. Competition is ok, but a minimum of respect to your competitors should be followed as well.
maybe I’m too old fashion, but i do believe in this.

Warm regards.
Georges van Gansen

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