Competitors’ List

Congratulations on the pilots below who have been accepted to compete in the first ever 3DX Australia!


Name:, Country:, Helicopter Make:

Beam, Thailand, KDS

Dargue, James, Australia, Kasama

Kane, Radar, Australia, Synergy

Lee, Jaehong, Korea, KDS

Maxwell, Nicholas, USA, Thunder Tiger

Metassan, Nizem, Brunei, AleeS

Rebelo, Marco, Australia, Thunder Tiger

Scott, Hamish, Australia, JR

Stuart, Chris, Australia, SAB


Name:, Country:, Helicopter Make:

Abdul Rajak, Mohd Hafiz, Malaysia, GAUI

Adnan, Mohd Adrian, Malaysia, Align

Einstein, Kevin, Australia, NextD Rave

Garland, Daniel, Australia, Minature Aircraft

Lilley, Mark, Australia, GAUI

Milsom, Jack, Australia, Align

Qiu, Yitao, China, KDS

Ridbamrung, Wicharid, Thailand, KDS

Searl, James, Australia, GAUI

Thaveesuk, Thanarin, Thailand, KDS

Thompson, Anthony, Australia, Mikado Logo

Thornton, Jake, Australia, Kasama

About 3DX
3DX is the World 3D RC Helicopter Competition Standard based on the successful 3D Masters format.

The 3DX Community Founding Principles:

To forward the cause of 3D flying
To encourage talented pilots and develop their potential
To make 3D competition accessible to every 3D enthusiast
To provide a fair and accountable Judging standard

Key Elements:

3DX Competitions will all have the same format – entrants will be asked to fly 5 Set Manoeuvres from a list of 30 produced each year, and will also have to fly a 3 minute Freestyle sequence. The change in available manoeuvres will mean that the events are annually made fresh, current and relevant to the new 3D styles as they evolve.

We expect that 3DX Events will be organised at two distinct levels, the small local event and the larger regional 3DX event.

In the case of the small event, a group of individuals, a Club, or a Local Area will be able to have their own 3DX event by using Peer-judging plus a Moderator in order to run a simple, informal competition, the Grass-roots of 3DX.

The larger or Regional 3DX Event will provide a focal point for an Area of a large landmass, or a country and will typically be organised by a team of people to provide all the organisation and infrastructure necessary. At this level, it will be possible to provide 3D Masters Judging, and probably 3D Masters pilots for demonstration flights during the event.

There is room within the scope of 3DX to have one-make or closed events.

The main aim of 3DX is to produce over the next few years an international format and standard by which 3D pilots are judged.

To The Pilots
3DX offers many positives to the 3D pilot:

Coherent, understandable format proven in the World’s greatest 3D Event
Freestyle Routines and Set Manoeuvres can be perfected over a season’s flying
A genuine upgrade path through the levels of 3DX to the Ultimate Event
More sponsorship opportunities through the 3DX sponsorship programme

As a 3D pilot, you will be able to download rules, manoeuvres and details of the event, and then fill out your Entry Form on line (a copy will be sent to you). Via this site you will be able to ask our panel of experts questions, contact other 3D pilots, make plans, organise your practice sessions and generally involve yourself in the 3DX scene. After the contest, your event organiser will post a report on the contest with photos and winners lists, and maybe even video.

You are not limited to only one 3DX event each year, you may enter as many as you are able to travel to. This means that you can improve your flying throughout the year against a constant standard – 3DX, and of course the 3DX sponsors will be watching your progress through the site with keen interest!

To The Sponsors
Key Reason’s To Sponsor the 3DX Australia Event:

3DX offers a unique opportunity for your company to be seen at the very heart of keen Australian and worldwide 3D community.
Co-ordinate tour marketing to focus on particular areas and markets of interest
This website, pictures and video from the top exponents in the game
Guaranteed support from International Press Partner Traplet Publications


The 3DX Australia 2013 will be held at:

West end of Bandon Road
Vineyard, NSW
Australia 2765

GPS: 33.660032S, 150.839918E.

Click HERE for the interactive Google Map.

How To Get There:

By Train:

Take the Western Line (Yellow Line), weekend trains stop at Vineyard station every 30 minutes during peak hours and every hour during off-peak hours. Latest timetable can be found here: Return ticket cost $8.80 for an adult from Central to Vineyard, the journey will take just over an hour. The venue is about 15 minutes walk from the train station.

By Drive:

Around 52Km via toll road Metroad 2 from Sydney city. Heading north from the city towards Epping/Chatswood, then enter the Lane Cove Tunnel, keep going on to M2 motorway after exit the tunnel, then drive all the way till the last exit before M7, exit to Old Windor Road then keep driving north west untill merge with Windor road, keep going pass Rouse Hill then looking for a blue sign showing left turn to Vineyard station, turn left there, across the railway line and drive all the way to the end, you will arrive at the gate on your left.


With the easy train access your accommodation choice is pretty much anywhere. Major stations along the line like Parramatta, Blacktown, Winsor, Richmond etc all have range of options that suits any budget.


Principal Sponsors


Source: 3DX Australia 2013 via Sean “Radar” Kane

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