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Release: RC Logger Commander Software V1.00 (MAC & PC)

– New Graphical UI over existing RC Logger Viewer
– Graphical Real Time On Screen Display to flight Video and Telemetry Data
– Simulate 3D flight path on Google Earth 3D Map
– Simulate flight orientation with 3D Model Object
– Data Analysis Tools – Data Table and Graphic plotting
– OSD Module support

Coming soon in “Pro” version feature activation:
– Multi Languages (7 languages)
– Render Video with Graphical Overlay
– Video and Data Trimming
– In-App YouTube upload trimmed/rendered videos
– Orientation with 3D Model (More Model 3D objects options)
– Video playback with Real Time Graphical Overlay(2nd graphic theme)


The new RC Logger Commander (Version 1) is now available for MAC and PC user, introducing the next generation of RC Loggers software solutions. The RC Logger Commander is aimed at supporting 32- and 64- bit PC systems as well as MAC OS based systems alike and will replace the RC Logger Viewer software.

The RC Logger Commander offers all features of the RC Logger Viewer and even more. It shows the data with the new graphical UI. There is also graphical real time on screen display for flight video and telemetry data. The RC Logger Commander can simulate a 3D flight path on Google Earth 3D Map and flight orientation with 3D model object. A data analysis tool is also included. Users can generate data tables and graph plotting. The RC Logger Commander allows you to manage and modify your OSD adjustments according to your preferences and needs.

Enjoy our RC Logger commander software and look forward to continuously new features.

More features can be activated in the future through our Pro Version. There will be for example multiple languages (7 languages) to choose from and users can also render videos with graphical overlay. Video and data trimming functions and more 3D model objects options will be included. There will one more graphic theme for video playback with real time graphs.

Get the latest release of “RC Logger Commander” software by clicking HERE.

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Release: OSD Module FW 0.22
Get the OSD Module FW 0.22 by clicking HERE.

Unzip the archive file and follow the firmware update procedure. This firmware package is designed for the OSD Module.

Do not use this firmware with any other hardware as it may render your product unusable.
Do not unplug the USB cable during the upgrade process.
Always remove the OSD module safely via your operation system before unplugging the cable. Otherwise the OSD module may be damaged.

[Firmware Update Procedure]

1. Unzip downloaded file to extract the “firmware.bin” file.
2. Make sure the OSD module is turned off by switching the ON OFF switch to OFF position.
3. Press and hold the FN button while connecting the OSD to a personal computer (PC) using the microUSB cable. No LED will light up.
4. Keep the FN button pressed until a new drive is shown on your computer.
5. Browse the drive, there is one “.bin” file only.
6. Delete the original “.bin” file.
7. Copy the newly downloaded “firmware.bin” file into the drive. Do not use the replace file function to update the file. Delete the old file first, then copy the new file into the drive.
8. Safely remove the device via your operating system before unplugging the cable.
9. Power on the OSD module again to take effect.

[0.22 Changes] 2013/01/30
– Added: Flight time display on connected video receiver. Setup via RC Logger Commander Software.

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