Our friend Jörg Rautenstrauch at RC Heli News reported on the introduction of the Voodoo 400 from Acrobat Helicopter. This is a sweet looking flybarless heli with direct to swash control. Thanks Jörg for report.

Continue through to view the rest of the pics and read the details for this sweet looking heli.

Here is what Jörg Rautenstrauch had to say in his article at RC Heli News:


Secretly and quietly slipped a new model on the homepage of acrobat-helicopter: the Voodoo 400:

Stefan Ploechinger today introduced the Voodoo 400 the successor of the popular Acrobat SE. The Voodoo 400 has many design features in addition to the design of larger brother voodoo over 600, about 2-stage belt – gear with helical gearing. The rotor head allows large collective and cyclic pitch angles and in harmony with its geometry with all other commercial flybarless systems. Times for the use of fbl – – Also new is the use of Midi servos the necessary control forces and supply systems.

Here are the details of the new Voodoo 400 from the Acrobat Helicopter website:

Voodoo 400

The Voodoo 400 is a handy electric aerobatic helicopter designed for blades with 465-470mm blade length. Gone into its development, both proven concepts of a voodoo 600 as well as the experience of 10 years SE Acrobat. When Voodoo 400 I consistently made ​​sure that it is mechanically designed to meet the high performance that today, through the use of Lipo, can be implemented in this class. Due to the still very low weight of the train 400 Voodoo is an ideal helicopter for 3D characters. He is extremely versatile and can be, despite its small size, all maneuvers to fly with him, you can fly with a helicopter of the 700 size. The maximum permitted speed at the Voodoo 400 is at 2300 rev / min. With up to 14 ° pitch so similar power reserves are available in E-700 helicopters, but this is at much less expense in terms of batteries and other drive. The drive is the Voodoo 400 realized with the proven two-stage belt-Stirnradgetriebekonzept. The spur of the Voodoo 400 is like the big brother, designed the Voodoo 600, helical and is virtually maintenance free and extremely quiet. The backlash is adjusted by a combined fixed-dome bearing plate and the intermediate shaft bearing. This has the additional stiffness to the chassis. Translations of 9:8:1 to 6.5:1 are possible, so that many can be mounted engines available on the market. The chassis of the Voodoo 400 is constructed in two parts. The upper chassis unit is designed to be very stiff and includes the transmission and reception of the tail boom and the servos. This ensures that everything can only minimal twist against each other. This leads to a very precise flight characteristics without life of its own. To be flexible in the battery mounting, located under the main chassis, a separate battery compartment is for batteries up to 35mm height 51mm wide. Be smaller batteries with only 46mm width are used, they can be up to a height of 40 mm can be inserted. The batteries are secured with rubber bands in the shaft and not the Acrobat SE must be extended. The weight of the battery should not be significantly below 400g, so the focus can be maintained without additional weight. The landing gear is constructed as in the Acrobat SE with CFRP struts and is milled in the event of a crash repair simple and inexpensive. The rotor head of the Voodoo 400 is a pure rigid head. He is very robust and yet very easy to implement. The rotor shaft has a diameter of 8mm and is guided in 8x16x5mm Domlagern, which leads to a high stiffness. The leaf bearing shaft with 6mm diameter also run stable. The blade holders have a 10mm foliar uptake and thereby enable the assembly of various blades of 470mm class. The rotor head allows pitch values ​​up to ± 14 ° with cyclical fluctuations of about 8 ° so that it harmonizes with common Flybarlesssystemen. The rear-wheel drive is at 400 by a low-maintenance belt drive. Compared with the Acrobat SE, however, the tail speed was increased by 10% while raising the tail belt width to 7mm. Both measures lead to a more than adequate power transmission in all flight situations. The tail rotor shaft of the Voodoo 400 is 4mm thick, so that in conjunction with a steel and Delrin Hecknabe blade holders to the rear at high speeds, very quiet running. . The tail boom is made ​​of a lightweight aluminum tubing, the reasonable addition to a price is characterized mainly by good damping properties . the hood of the Voodoo 400 is constructed of fiberglass and is optimized in their shape in the most neutral handling characteristics , the technical data of the Voodoo 400 are as follows:

Rotor diameter: about 105 cm
Translation: 9.8:1 to 6.5:1
Heck translation: 4.53:1
Take-off weight (depending on configuration): 1450g-1900g (depending on equipment)
Empty weight Voodoo 400 (including hood and rear sheets): 580g
recommended speeds: 1300-2300 revolutions / minute
Recommended blades: 465-470 mm (55-70g) with a little forward and 10 mm Grip
Recommended stern sheets: The kit contains
Cross-section battery compartment: 51mm x 35mm or 46mm x 40mm

The following components have been found during tests of the Voodoo 400 as particularly useful. Since I’m testing new components, but continuously, make the recommendations here represent only the current status and will be adjusted in the future under certain circumstances:

Drive: Kontronik Pyro 400-14 with 13Z-14Z Plettenberg Orbit 15-10 Pulley 13T with HE-14T pulley (only in conjunction with Jazz 80 LV)

Controls: Kontronik Jazz 80 LV, 90 LV Kobi

Battery: 4s Lipo with 4000 mAh

Swashplate servos: Savox SH-1250mg or Futaba S9650

Tail servo: Tail servo Futaba BLS 251

The price of the Voodoo 400 including AC-3X is 989, – €.

The price of the Voodoo 400 without AC-3X is 639, – €.

To allow as smooth and efficient order processing,
please order in case of a Voodoo 400 always add the following details of an order:

– Name / first name
– Street / House Number
– Postcode / City
– Country
– Phone number

– Hood color (yellow / white)
– Desired motor pulley (12T-18T)

Please order by email

All prices are including 19% VAT

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Info: On rcHeliDesign are suitable adhesive cover designs for the Voodoo 400. -> rcHeliDesign.de

Source: Acrobat Helicopter via RC Heli News

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