HeliCommand recently released important product information for the X-Series. Continue on to read the notice regarding the X-Series stabilization system.

HeliCommand X-Series

Important Product Information for the X-series! (updated 02/28/2011)

As part of our ongoing quality checks, we have discovered that the helicopter stabilisation systems HC3-SX, HC3-Xtreme, as well as HC3-Xbase, can function incorrectly whenused in conjunction with twin-shaft turbine engine helicopters. The security test noted in the manual regarding turbine scale helicopters is not enough concerning these types of turbines.
For this reason, as the manufacturer, this application of the HC3-SX, HC3-Xtreme as well as the HC3-Xbase in twin shaft turbine engine models is not approved and their use must cease immediately until further notice.

Their use in conventional turbine as well as internal combustion or electric powered helicopters is not affected.

Furthermore, using the HC3-SX and flying constant, long-range manoeuvres, a noticable drift of the internal horizon may occur. This may lead to a malfunction of the option “Acro with pitch” as well as an unprecise working horizontal stabilisation (self-levelling). For this reason, as the manufacturer, the mode “Acro with pitch” of the HC3-SX is not approved at this time and the use must cease immediately until further notice.

As soon as more information is available, we will publish this immediately. We are working very hard towards reaching a rapid and safe solution.
Our staff are available to answer any questions you may have.

With best regards
Your HeliCommand team

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