New 18MZ owners – increase the resale value of your 14MZ, 12Z or 12 FG with a FREE Futaba Service Center checkup!

Between July 1 and October 31, 2012, our expert technicians will restore your qualifying used radio to factory specs — at no charge.

Download your Free Checkup request form here.

If you’ve upgraded to the 18MZ within the last 30 days and now have a 14MZ, 12Z or 12FG to sell, the Futaba Certified Pre-Owned Program is a great way to return your old radio to factory specs and increase its value to potential buyers. Send your used radio to the Futaba Service Center, and we will:

● Check for exterior broken or loose parts
● Check gimbals, switches and auxiliary controls for proper operation
● Check the power output
● Replace the backup battery if over 5 years old (14MZ only)
● Clear all model memory*
● Reset all operational parameters to factory specs
● Complete the operational check
● Provide all these services FREE — normal cost, $43.75!
● Provide return ground shipping FREE — normal cost, $9.99! (See Shipping Options on the request form for expedited delivery charges.)

* If you intend to restore your model memory later, you must save the data to your model memory card. Do not send in the card with your radio.

New buyers also enjoy 60-day limited warranty coverage!
As long as you sell your 14MZ, 12Z or 12FG within 90 days of receiving its free checkup, the Futaba Service Center will offer the new buyer a 60-day limited warranty — featuring the same protection as the radio’s original warranty. The 60 days begin at the date of resale.

Get proof that your radio is Futaba Certified Pre-Owned.
After your 14MZ, 12Z or 12FG has been checked out by Futaba Service Center technicians and meets their tough standards, it will be returned to you with the following proof of inspection. Potential buyers can purchase your pre-owned radio with confidence!

Futaba Certified Pre-Owned Certificate

This certificate verifies that the radio you’re selling meets factory specs.

Transmitter Sticker

The Futaba Service Center technician applies a sticker with the date of inspection.

Futaba Certified Pre-Owned Web Page Listing

Your radio’s serial number and service date will be included on this Web site.

Buying a used 14MZ, 12Z or 12FG? Check here to see if it has the Futaba Certified Pre-Owned stamp of approval!

If your checkup indicates a need for repairs…
If your used radio requires repairs to meet Futaba Service Center standards, we will complete them after receiving your approval. Normal charges for parts and labor will apply.

Contact the Futaba Service Center
Phone: 1-217-398-8970 ext. 2 (M-F, 8:00 am-5:00 pm CST)
Fax: 1-217-398-7721 (include your daytime phone number or return fax number)

Futaba Certified Pre-Owned Program Terms of Offer
This offer is good only between July 1 and October 31, 2012, to individuals who have purchased a new Futaba 18MZ within the past 30 days and are planning to sell their used 14MZ, 12Z or 12FG radio within 90 days of having it Certified Pre-Owned by the Futaba Service Center. This offer is available only to residents of the U.S. and Canada. Requests from retailers, groups or organizations will not be honored. Void where restricted by law. Futaba/Hobbico reserve the right to change or cancel the program at any time.

Source: Futaba

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