Final production notice

We are facing supply problems with 3 axis gyro (TR-SVMIX) used for our 50 Chinook
and Vertol series. We decided to discontinue these models and we are having final production this month.

When we run out of stock for these final production kits, we will stop sales for these models.

For order, please order through our distribuor in your country.

We will keep production and stock of spare parts for following models.

▼All of 50 class Vertol / Chinook series
0406-903 50scale CH-46 Vertol (Unpainted)
0406-904 50scale CH-47 Chinook (Unpainted)
0406-905 50scale CH-47 Chinook Camouflage (Painted)
0406-906 50 HC-1 Chinook Royal Air Force (Painted)
0406-907 50 KV-107 Vertol IWAKUNI (Painted)
0406-908 50 CH-46 Vertol US Navy (Painted)

We are also having final production for following models.
(They will be discontinued after our stock is sold out)

▼90 class Dauphin painted models

0404-987 Dauphin 2 Painted (Yellow)
0404-995 Dauphin 2 Painted (Coast Guard)

▼30 scale Iroquois
0412-933 30 Iroquois BELL UH-1B

Source: Hirobo Limited

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