CanoMOD just announced on Facebook new things with company. The annoucement lays the foundation for bigger and better things to come. Click to read the announcement.

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We have very happy to announce that Canomod has completed 100% new management change and the factory has been moved to a new bigger location with full production speed. The new Canomod management has acquired a new technology and material to produce canopies that are most flexible yet strongest on the market. The new technology utilizes new hybrid-nano surface adhesive coating to provide best adhesion between the fiberglass and the paint layers. Canomod canopies are now hand airbrushed and triple clear-coated to bring you the most bright and shinny canopies on the market while other canopies are only painted with one or two clear coats. The new Canomod canopies will bring you the most exciting enjoyment in flights.

Best regards.

Source: CanoMOD

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