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活動內容:於活動期間內持亞拓 750MX 系列馬達或天蠍星4525,4530,4535系列馬達不論新舊好壞
皆可到全省亞拓特約模型店以六折售價舊換新,購買最新 800MX 馬達


Via Google Translate:

Wan Watt motor 800MX, the latest discount activity!

2013 ALIGN latest Wan Watt motor 800MX, for 700 helicopter
Provide you with unprecedented extreme power, listed during the launch a special discount:

Old ones to experience the promotions activities (activities tentatively only Taiwan)
During the event: 2013/02/20 ~ 2013/03/31 ended
Activities: held during the Align 750MX series motor or Scorpion 4525,4530,4535 series motor, whether new or used good or bad
Can to the province ALIGN special model shop tickets priced new leaf, and purchase the latest 800MX motor

Otherwise Align MX series motor, the same model old machinery with new promotions!
Today purchase Align MX series motor, not limited useful life, if you use the damage according to pricing 5 discount to replacement of the same model brand new motor!
(MX 50% off of the full range of motor renewal activities, please contact Align Corporation or province branch replacement)

Source: Align Forum via Ben Varley

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