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ALeeS Inc. is the latest RC Helicopter brand created by renowned designer Charley Stephens Combining innovative technology, attention to detail and exceptional components. Also incorporated is the 2 SIC patent pending rotor head design, sure to set us apart from the crowd. Backed by excellent customer service, ALeeS is a brand that will position itself at the forefront of the RC Helicopter industry. Currently in production is the highly anticipated RUSH 750 electric helicopter. Click to find out where to buy yours today.

About Alees

About ALeeS Inc.

ALeeS Inc. a trading company, founded in 2010 by the Stephens family. This Heli division was formed due to Charley and his family’s passion with the RC helicopter industry. A new company to some, ALeeS will be proven to lead the market with innovation in designs, producing products with competitive prices without sacrificing quality and features. The ALeeS company mission is to consistently provide a quality product, have excellent customer support, and to always keep it fun so that the enjoyment never fades. The customers mean the world to us, we plan to listen closely to thoughts and suggestions to further improve our products and implement customers dreams.

ALeeS is proud to announce the release the first RC helicopter in our fleet, the RUSH 750. We look eagerly to the future as there are many helicopter kits and accessories on the horizon.

Charley Stephens Q & A

Charley Stephens, head designer, is well known throughout the worldwide RC helicopter industry as a pioneer. Charley first introduced himself to the industry as the owner / designer of Rotorworkz, producing upgrade parts for many popular machines. Later moving into designing innovative main stream complete models with features never seen before, setting a standard for today’s industry and now duplicated by others.

What does ALeeS stand for? ALeeS was named after our son (A)ustin Lee (S)tephens A-Lee-S. Charley, Vikki, and Austin all share the same middle name “Lee.”

Why an RC Helicopter, What path brought you here? Well, I have tried nearly all RC related hobbies over many years and my path towards aircraft started with RC airplanes in 1994 grew board of it then went into RC Helicopters. Since then I have not wanted to do anything else.

How long have you been designing RC Helicopters? Since 2004

What sets this ALeeS brand apart from others on the market? A rock solid platform, proven designs I have used over the years with many new inventions incorporated.

What do you see as a measure of success for the ALeeS company? Our belief in god, friends and family is our measure of success without any it would not exist.

What did you do before taking on this adventure? During my Rotorworkz days I aided in developing a micro UAV for military use.

Is there anyone who helped influence your decision to start your company? Tony Whiteside was a big part of me making the push to start my own company.

What are you most passionate about with this product? Quality and Functionality

What are you passionate about personally? When you are not designing, what can Charley be found doing? Building our family home in Tennessee.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or a Sunday afternoon? Enjoying the Hobby with fellow Heli guys at my local field.

What would be impossible for you to give up? My friends

Did you have a nickname when you were younger? Some nicknames have been Sticks, Boss, Chaz

If you could re-experience one thing in your life, what would it be? Not sure… I enjoy life as god gives it to me. Each moment in memory is cherished as a path of life.

Austin Stephens Q & A

Austin Stephens, born Jan. 2000, a young RC helicopter pilot has been proven invaluable to ALeeS Inc. Helping with testing of prototypes and all technical aspects of the brand. Taking his fathers design ideas and providing input to insure the best possible performances are achieved with the helicopter. Following in his fathers footsteps he has a very outgoing personality and is always eager to help others with all aspects of the hobby. All this while still being a happy young man who simply loves to fly helis.

When did you start flying? Started flying at age six.

Did your dad teach you to fly, or do you teach him? My dad taught me to fly. Now I can teach him.

What is your favorite RC helicopter maneuver? Many of them but, no real favorite I like just plain smack down.

What was something you did that was really scary? Helping my dad work on the roof of our house we are building.

What subjects do you enjoy in school? Math and Science

If you could be a bird what bird would you be? A hawk

What are some of your favorite things to do now? Besides flying. Target shooting, Fishing on our lake in Tennessee

Who is your favorite sports figure? Tim Tebow

I know its early but, any thoughts on what you would like to do when get older? To be a real helicopter pilot.

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