6 New Batteries available. Grab them while their supplies last!


1300 mAh 6S 35C
2200 mAh 4S 35C
3700 mAh 6S 35C
4200 mAh 6S 35C
2500 mAh 3S 3C, 8C burst
2500 mAh 2S 3C, 8C burst

Voltz Lithium Polymer batteries are low-cost, high performance packs that deliver their full capacity & meet their discharge ratings. These batteries are intended to deliver the maximum amount of fun with the least amount of sticker-shock possible! All Voltz batteries come with Deans Ultra T-type connectors pre-soldered! [With the exception of the Voltz tx pack.]

All available at Readyheli.com

Source: Readyheli.com

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