Tracx brings the simplicity in design of the Compass FBL head to the Align T-Rex 500 and 600. Click for details.

When Compass introduced their flybarless head for their Atom 500, 3D Plus and 6HV that required no swash driver it turned a few heads… No pun intended. Compass now produces the Tracx brand Flybarless Head.This head is designed for the Align T-Rex 500 and T-Rex 600. These are bolt-on flybarless heads for the 500 and 600, no modifications necessary. Both feature delrin swash-to-blade grip arms with dual flanged bearings in the CNC aluminum T-arm that sits atop the delrin link. The head block, grips and grip arms also feature high quality CNC Aluminum. All parts in these heads can be replaced with Compass parts with the exception of the Derlin swash-to-blade grip arms. The Delrin link rods for the Tracx Align heads are a different length from those for use on Compass helicopters so they will need to be replaced with the respective part numbers assigned to the Align specific Tracx heads.

Source: NankinHobby

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